You’re Missing Out if American Express Isn’t Saving You TONS of Cash this Holiday Season

The primary reason why I love credit cards is the big sign up bonuses.

Lately, American Express keeps saving me money.  In fact, I did something I rarely every do.  I paid the annual fee on not one, but two American Express cards.

I kept the Starwood American Express personal card and the Starwood American Express business card.

I did it hoping that the trend of valuable Twitter Sync promotions would continue.

I had a successful Small Business Saturday.  I was able to buy a total of seventeen $10 gift cards at local small business restaurants.  Looks like my wife and I will have some free date nights for the next few months.

Also, we drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming for Thanksgiving.  Each time we got gas, we stopped at an Exxon and used a different American Express card.  Saving $5 per $30 we spent isn’t going to make us rich, but it’s a reasonable way to save 16% on a tank of gas.

Current Best American Express Sync Offers

For a consolidated list of offers, visit this Slickdeals page.   There are various ways to enroll for these different offers.  The enrollment options are highlighted on the Slick Deals page highlighted above.


Spend $75 and get $25 back.  This offer expires 12/31/13.  Tweet #AmexAmazon

Remember, this will work for gift card purchases, so if you buy Amazon gift cards you’ll be able to save 33% at Amazon for as long as your gift cards last.


Spend $25 and get $5 back.  This offer expires 12/31/13.  Tweet #AmexBP

This offer allows for unlimited use, so it should be a great way to keep saving money on your gas purchases.


Spend $115 and get $15 back.  This offer expires 12/31/13.  Tweet #AmexCostco

Once again, you can purchase Costco gift cards to last through the year.  Consider it an extra 13% savings on everything you buy at Costco.


Spend $30 and get $5 back.  This offer expires 12/31/13.  Tweet #AmexExxonMobil

JC Penny

Spend $50 and get $10 back.  This offer expires 12/31/13.  Tweet #AmexJCP


Spend $50 and get $10 back.  This offer expires 12/31/13.  Tweet #AmexKohls

If you don’t currently have an American Express credit card, then this might be a good time to apply for one.  If you add the extra cash back offers to the sign up bonus, you’ll find that it’s a good time to have an American Express credit card in your wallet.


  1. Debbie says

    I’m wondering if you got 17 $10 gift cards using just 2 Amex cards? I thought the Small Biz Sat was only good for one time use per card?

    • says

      I have more than 2 American Express cards. There are only two that I’ve kept and pay the annual fee. Also, if you get an authorized user that card is eligible.

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