Why You Can’t Always Rely On the Hotel ‘Star Rating’

What does the star system reveal?

It could mean the hotel brand has a specific rating.  But your hotel might not be on the level as the brand.  Hotwire uses this system.  They rate hotel chains, not individual hotels.

It could mean that hotels get a rating based on what they include, but not necessarily the quality of what they include.  For example, a hotel with a restaurant may get a higher rating regardless of the quality of the restaurant.

It could mean that a hotel has been given a star rating by its own hotel.  Starwood does this practice as they rate their own stars.

The conclusion: don’t put a lot of weight into the star system because you are not sure who gave it the rating and what criteria they used to rate the hotel.

So what are your options?

1.  Check out a place like Trip Advisor where you can get independent hotel reviews by individuals based on the exact hotel where you plan to stay.

2.  Use a site like Expedia that has lots of pictures and customer reviews.

Then based on your preferences rate the hotel for yourself.  You might rather stay in a two star that has a pool and free breakfast or you might prefer a four star that has a fine dining restaurant.  Just be sure to make your choice based on your preferences.

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