Why this is a Good Time for a Vacation?

The news media doesn’t have many (any) positive things to say.  There are massive amounts of negative news stories about the suffering economy.  One might think this is a horrible time to consider taking a vacation.  So is this a good time for a vacation?

Well, yes, a great time.  Under one condition – you have the money!

If you do have the money here are a few reasons why now is a great time for a vacation.

Photo Greek Vacation by _neona_

  1. Average national gas prices are still down between $1.40 and $1.57 less per gallon compared to one year ago.  This means either cheaper plane tickets or a cheaper car trip.
  2. Hotels are offering great discounts at this time of year.  I will be featuring two such promotions today and tomorrow.
  3. The weather is just starting to turn so you probably need to get out and enjoy the sun.
  4. You would probably do well to escape all the news.

So if you have a few dollars in your pocket pack your bags and enjoy a nice weekend get away.