Why I Track Mileage Award Programs with Award Wallet

As you probably know, I’m sort of geek when it comes to accumulating award points and miles.  There was a day and time that I used to track all my balances using a Word Document on my computer. 


However, as my family has grown and the number of award programs I’m using is larger, the Word document quickly proved to be a terrible way to track my points.

A couple of years ago I started using Award Wallet.  Award Wallet is a free (with paid options) online service that effectively tracks all your award balances.


One of the things that I like best about Award Wallet is that I can enter all of the information for each member of my family, and then in one click, we can update everyone’s balances.

How to get started tracking miles with Award Wallet

The process is really quite simple.  After you sign up for your free account, you just enter the username and passwords for the programs you’d like to track.  Award Wallet will display all your points programs by Airline, Hotel, or Credit card, etc.  At the bottom of your screen is a button that allows you to update all accounts in view.


Is tracking your miles important?

With the increasing number of reward programs that have expiration dates, tracking your miles becomes more important.


Just this year we had several thousand US Airways points that were going to expire for my account and my wife’s account.  We were able to get onto their online mall and make a purchase just to keep the account active. 


Why you want all your balances in one place

When we plan a vacation, one of the first things I do is to try and figure out how much of the vacation we can plan for free.  By free, I mean using some type of points or miles we have accumulated.  Since we have a lot of points spread across several reward programs, it is nice to sign into Award Wallet to get a sense of which points we should use.


This summer we’ll be spending some time in New Zealand.  I knew we could use either Starpoints, AAdvantage points, or Thankyou points.  After signing into Award Wallet, I knew that I wanted to save my Starpoints for something else so I started researching booking hotels with either my AAdvantage points or our Thankyou points. 

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