When your flight is delayed or cancelled use Rule 240

Rule 240 might just help you avoid a long delay.  It might save you from being stranded at your destination.  You might find yourself enjoying the beach rather than waiting at the airport if you learn about rule 240.

Photo by dam

Here are a few articles about ‘Rule 240’.  I recommend reading these prior to the next time you travel by air:

This article gives a good overview to Rule 240, its introduction as a regulation and its current function within airline circles.

This article by Greenburg emphasizes that while 240 is no longer technically a ‘rule’ airlines will often honor a 240 request.  He validates this with his own personal experience.

  • Following Rule 240.  By Catherine Hamm, Los Angeles Times.

Hamm introduces the complexities of rule 240.  Does it exist?  She says, “yes, no, and maybe.”

Next time you’re stranded at an airport if you can 240 onto another flight, the worst possible response is no.  At best, you will be on the beach for those extra hours instead of the airport.

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