What Should You Do When You Run Out of Credit Cards?

If you’ve been reading this blog (and following my advice) it’s likely that two things have happened.

First, you’ve probably accumulated a huge stash of miles and points.  Most of all, I hope you’ve been able to use the points to see some amazing things for next to nothing.

Second, you’re probably running out of credit card application options.

My first suggestion is to make sure you’ve creatively explored all your options for bonuses.

For example, if you’ve had the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, consider applying for the Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard.  If you’ve got the Ink Bold consider applying for the Ink Plus.

See the current credit card offers.

Beyond that your next best option is to re-apply for cards you’ve have in the past.

Thus, the question arises, how soon can I reapply for a credit card and get the bonus again.

I’ll share my personal experiences plus the collective experiences I’ve read online.  Of course, in each of the cases below your miles will vary.


Chase has the strictest second bonus policy.  One in a lifetime is the general policy.  However, if they’ve made significant changes to the credit card it likely will show up as a first time application.  As an example, if you had the Ink Bold three years ago they’ve since made some changes so you’d be able to get the new Ink Bold and get the bonus again.  I have read reports of some folks getting the bonus again on a British Airways card after 3-4 years.

I’ve personally never tested a multiple Chase credit card application as I’ve still got Chase cards I’m interested in a first time application.


In general I’ve heard that you can re-apply 18-24 months after your original application date regardless of when you cancelled the card.  A year ago I tested this with the American Airlines Visa card. I had a card and cancelled it after 12 months.  I waited until just over 18 months and got the card again.  Much to my delight I received a bonus on the card again.

American Express

American Express terms and conditions usually let you know when you can get a bonus.  Typically, if you’ve had a card or a similar card for less than 12 months since you cancelled your previous card you won’t be eligible for the bonus.  I learned that the hard way.


I’ve heard that they are the most generous with allowing multiple applications and bonuses even if you have the existing card.  However, there have also been reports of people having their original card cancelled when they’ve tried this.  I’ve personally never applied for a second Barclay’s card.

I’ve had a hard time getting Barclaycard approvals because of too many credit card applications on file, but I have my eye on the Barclay Arrival World MasterCard.


There should still be a lot of opportunities even if you’ve applied for a lot of cards.  New cards will come on the market and old cards will be rebranded.  Remember, if only one spouse has been applying for credit cards it could also be an option to cycle through credit cards on a wives’ behalf.

Aside from applying for multiple credit cards you can also look into ways to earn extra points using the existing cards you have.  These days there are a lot of ways to create spending on your card and increase your balance without any further credit card applications.


  1. Jason says

    Thanks Craig for this post, it is helpful! I had forgotten about the possiblity of getting the Chase Mastercard as well. I think that will be my next one to sign up for. I assume it’s probably best to simply cancel the Visa first, correct?

    Thanks again, this sight has helped my family a lot!

  2. Jim says

    I’d suggest a better example than the Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard if it’s no longer available. Raised my hopes unfortunately :)

    • says

      I guess you’re right that it is no longer offered. The point remains – be creative and think outside the box. Unfortunately, the option for a Chase MasterCard is not available any more.

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