What Every Dad Needs To Know About A Family Vacation

Vacations mean different things to moms and dads.

Typically, dad wants to relax, watch TV, sleep in, and read the newspaper.  Mom, on the other hand, wants to get out, see the sights, and explore.

If you don’t talk about your vacation expectations before you leave for vacation, one of you is certain to be disappointed.

5 Tips For Dad

  1. Offer to wake up early with the kids.  If mommy usually wakes up early with the kids, one of the luxuries of vacation will be sleeping in.  Of course, you want to sleep in too, so work something out with your wife.
  2. Help with the kids on the flight or in the car.  Some dads check out while mommy is trying to herd the infant army. 
  3. Play with the kids.  Every day you’ve been wandering off to work.  All the while your kids have been missing you.  Take advantage of the vacation as a chance to spend lots of quality time with your kids.  It is quite possible that the vacation will make up some of their favorite family memories – make it count.
  4. Treat mommy like a queen.  There’s a good chance that your wife pointed out this post.  She gave it to you because of this point.  Mommy wants to be talked to and treated like an adult.  If she has been at home day in and day out with the kids, she wants some good, long, deep, and meaningful conversation.  Make mommy happy and everyone has a great vacation.
  5. Surprise the family.  Dads should always have a trick in their pocket.  No, not a literal trick, but on vacation a little spontaneity never hurt anyone (except for that guy who spontaneously jumped into the Niagara River at Niagara Falls).  Daddy will score big if he says, “Guess what daddy planned for today …”.

What do you think dads could or should do to make the family vacation special?


  1. Nikki says

    Lots of assumptions here about what moms and dads do and want! I think your point though is that parents might have opposite needs for vacations, and communicating and thinking of ways to be considerate of your spouse will make your vacation much happier. I can get behind that!

    • Craig says

      You’re right that there are a lot of assumptions. Communication is the key.
      Thanks for your comment.

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