Visiting Sydney | 4 Family Friendly Activities

When we were visiting Sydney, Australia earlier this month, we wanted to do some things that the whole family would enjoy. 

We stayed in Darling Harbour at the Four Points by Sheraton which ended up being the perfect location for our family.  The best part was that we used our Starwood Points and paid absolutely nothing for our accommodations.

We had a great time exploring the Sydney area.  We didn’t rent a vehicle, as there is great public transportation and plenty of things within walking distance. 

Since we were trying to travel light, we didn’t have a stroller.  It’s a good thing our kids were fit enough to do lots of walking!  We carried our baby in the Baby Bjorn when we were out and about.

4 Family Friendly Things to Do While Visiting Sydney

1.  Monorail.  On our first day, we rode the Monorail around the area so we could get a good look at the place.  It was inexpensive, especially since our children are so young.  It was also fun for the kids to ride a train, which is something they don’t get to do in PNG.  We got off periodically to look around, then hopped back on to continue our ride.

2.  Sydney Aquarium.  Across the street from our hotel was the Sydney Aquarium.  I’ve been to a few aquariums, but I definitely think this was one of the best I’ve seen.  We really liked how you can walk through the aquarium with water above and beneath you.  They have HUGE stingrays, dugongs, sharks, and lots of other fish to enjoy.  Even our 11-month-old was enamored by it all.


3.  Sydney Wildlife World. If you’ve been dying to touch a snake or see koalas and kangaroos, this is the place for you.  We were hoping we’d get to touch the kangaroos, but no such luck.  We had to watch them through the glass.  Our family was still excited about the Sydney Wildlife World though.  It was a great place to learn about lots of animals down under.  


4.  Sydney Tower.  We should’ve done this attraction first, but we didn’t think of it.  We were able to see all around Sydney from this tower.  The Oz Trek ride in the motion theatre was great too, though only my 4 year old and I went on it.  Craig gets motion sickness easily, so he was happy to entertain the other two kiddos since you must be over 3 years old to ride.  I was happy that the Oz Trek was included in the price, too!

We found out that if we bought a Discovery Pass to Sydney Wildlife World, Sydney Aquarium, and Sydney Tower, it saved us money.  We’re also quite frugal, so it forced us to actually do more things.  If we would’ve bought the tickets one by one, we probably would’ve never gone to all three.  For us, the Discovery Pass was the way to go.

I highly recommend getting the Discovery Pass if you’re visiting Sydney with a young family.  The price was definitely reasonable, especially since it took us three days to use all of our passes.  The best part was that, since we were so close to our hotel, we went to an attraction in the morning, let our kids have naps in the afternoon, then went back again after their naps.  We went to the Tower on our last day.  I think if I could do it again, I’d do that first – and remember to take my camera to the top to capture an amazing view of Sydney!

Is there anything you’d recommend for a young family to do in Sydney?

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