US Airways Changes Baggage Fee – More $

When I saw the following on the US Airways site I was initially excited.  I have felt like airlines should scrap the baggage charge all together.  But, as you will come to find out, they are not offering a lower price for booking online, but a higher charge ($5 per bag) if you don’t pay when you check in online.  Blahhhh.  When leaving home it is easy to get online and check in, but when you are away from home, it is sometimes difficult to do.  So take a little extra cash when you fly US Airways.  Just another creative way for airlines to add another extra fee.

Here is the US Airways statement:

Checking bags? Pay online. It’s worth it!

Save time and money when you check in online.
Beginning July 9, 2009, you’ll be able to pay for checked bags when you check in online – $15 for your first checked bag and $25 for your second. For customers who choose to pay for checked bags at the airport, there will be an additional $5 service fee, so save a few when you check in online!
If you booked your flight before April 23, 2009, fees will stay the same for you. And remember, Dividend Miles Preferred members are exempt from checked bag fees.
You’re also exempt if you’re on a transatlantic flight, confirmed in First Class or Envoy when you check in, military on active duty, an unaccompanied minor or if you’re checking an assistive device.

View more details here.

By the way, when flying US Airways:

The first and second checked bag fees do not apply to:

  • All Dividend Miles Preferred members (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Chairman’s Preferred)
  • Passengers traveling to and from Europe
  • Confirmed First Class and Envoy passengers at time of check-in
  • Star Alliance Silver and Gold status members
  • Active U.S. military personnel with ID (baggage up to 100 lbs/45 kg free of charge)
  • Unaccompanied minors (with US Airways unaccompanied minor paid assistance)

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