Ulumani Treetops Rainforest Lodge

If you ever get the privilege of visiting Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of it all.  Sometimes I just have to pinch myself to make sure this is really my home. 

We have been trying to take advantage of the area since we don’t have to pay any airfare to get here.  There are certainly lots of advantages of taking a holiday near your home or even considering a staycation.

One place we’ve visited more than once over the past few years is Ulumani Treetops Rainforest Lodge.  It’s aptly named, as it is nestled way up in the treetops.  The view is simply breathtaking from the top as  you can look out and see the treetops and the bay below from the lodge.



1.  There is the Cottage that easily sleeps our family of five (plus a couple more, if needed).  It has a full kitchen, including an oven/stove, refrigerator, and all of the basic cooking supplies you need.  All you really need to take is your own food.  If you’re not up for cooking on this holiday, you can easily order some traditional PNG food for a modest price from the gracious hosts. 

I’ve always been impressed that the cottage even has a full-sized bathtub/shower and a flush toilet.  That always feels refreshing when returning from a day at the beach. 

There is one large bedroom that can accommodate our entire family.  In the living room, there are also two single beds.  There is a counter with bar stool seating for eating.  Probably the best part of the cottage is the verandah, which spreads the length of the guest house and has plenty of seating.  It’s a beautiful place to enjoy meals or just an afternoon of relaxing.

2.  The Bungalow is ideal for a couple.  It has a simple kitchen with a small stove, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, and a main room with a bed.  The view from the bungalow is nice, but not as impressive as at the cottage since the cottage is located higher up on the hill.

3.  If you are traveling solo or with a group of singles, the Traditional War House would be perfect for you.  It is arranged like a hostel with individual rooms and a shared bathroom and kitchen.  Large groups can enjoy cooking there and visiting on the huge verandah around the house. 

The lodge even has power from a generator at appointed times of the day. 

Some Activities

1.  Snorkeling – What we’ve done most often is drive down to Waga Waga Beach (about a 10 minute drive) for swimming and snorkeling.  The dark sandy beach is a great place for building sand castles with the kids.  We also love to snorkel by the shipwreck close to shore.  On a clear day, it is a great place for seeing some amazing fish.


2.  Hiking – If you like a good hike, this is a great place for you.  There are so many places to hike, and many of the hikes will lead you to a refreshing river or even a beautiful waterfall.  Just remember, if you go down, you must also hike back up!


3.  Bird watching  – There are some incredible birds and butterflies in the area.  As you relax on the balcony of the lodge, you will be amazed at the birds and butterflies around.  Especially if you’re coming from a city, you’ll be in awe as you hear the sounds of all the birds in the morning.  Aside from the birds and butterflies, the flowers surrounding the place are gorgeous.

One of the best parts of the Ulumani Treetops Rainforest Lodge is the landowners who serve as your hosts.  We have been treated so hospitably each time and always look forward to seeing Warren’s welcoming smile.  He and his family always go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need and help you enjoy your stay in paradise.

Considering visiting Milne Bay, PNG?  Check out Treetops Lodge.

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