Three New & Free Travel Resources | Launching the Travel Free Coach Website

I’m happy to introduce a new website I’ve been working on.  It is the Travel Free Coach where I’ll be doing some frequent flyer miles consultation and providing other services.

Best of all, most of the products and services will initially launch for free.

How to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles from the Comfort of your Living Room eBook

Introducing the easiest way to earn miles, points, and rewards to get free vacations. banner ads 300x250

Airlines offer miles.  Hotels offer points.  Credit card companies offer rewards.  From these reward opportunities, you’ll be able to travel anywhere for practically nothing.

Up until yesterday, I was doing some number crunching trying to decide if I was going to sell this book for $19.99 or $24.99.

But yesterday was a good day for this blog, and I figured I should just thank you for being a reader (or a visitor).

So perhaps for a limited time, or perhaps forever (I’m honestly not sure), you can get this book free of charge.

No email address required.  No money needed.

Click here to get your free copy.

P.S. Don’t complain to me if I decide to start charging for this eBook and you don’t get one.  In case I wake up tomorrow in a bad mood and change my mind, you’d better get your copy soon!

Travel Reward Credit Card Consultations

Several weeks ago I read a blog post where someone was bragging about his travel related credit card.  Fortunately, for him I knew of a card that had a lower annual fee and could actually earn him 25% more value out of every dollar he spent.

A few years back, I was using the wrong credit card for some upcoming travel.  What made it wrong?  Simply the fact that within that calendar year, had I used a different card I would have had $700 more in rewards.Credit Card Selection Consultation   300x250

You can avoid that error by using my customized credit card consultation.

It takes a lot of time to keep up with all the current reward credit cards.  From there, you need to crunch numbers to see what is the best credit card for you.

Or …

You could visit my credit card consultation page on the Travel Free Coach website and complete the questionnaire.

Then …

I’ll email you with a customized recommendation that suggests a few cards that are worthy of your consideration – free of charge.

Again, this is another service that I may charge for in the future.  For now, I’m wanting to help people maximize their rewards so I can see how valuable the service is to my readers.

Travel Free Coach Free Travel Tips Mailing List

This mailing list is completely separate from the daily feed you get here at Help Me Travel Cheap.

What do I get when I sign up?

1.    Occasional informative emails with tips on how to maximize your miles (and points) along with highlights on the best mileage deals around.

2.    Information about Travel Free Coaching product promotions and discounts.

3.  Breaking news on limited time mileage earning offers.  This will only be B-I-G offers so you won’t get a bunch of emails.

Click here to sign up now.

Dream Vacation Mileage Strategy

Avoid the hassle and potential piCustomized Frequent Flyer Mileage Strategy  300x250tfalls of choosing your preferred frequent flyer program.  Instead, decide to make the most out of every flyer mile and take your vacation sooner.

  • This consultation is specifically designed for people who have a vacation goal in mind, but don’t know how to go about earning the necessary points to make their dream a reality.
  • This consultation is for people who are just entering into the world of frequent flyer miles and feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the number of points earning options.
  • It’s for individuals who want to spend their time relaxing on beaches instead of researching in front of a computer.

Click here to get more information.

* As a note: at this time, these consultations and products focus on US based individuals only.


  1. Daniel Mick says

    Craig, something I’ve yet to see any travel hacking blog go into detail about is /redeeming/ your miles. I’ve been hacking for a couple years thanks to Chris Guillebeau, and now that I’ve got a few hundred thousand points I’m ready to start traveling! Will you be posting about redemption hacking also?

    I’ve mastered the basics and have a steady stream of cards and points. What I need now is to know how to make the most of the miles I have. How can I use the least miles to go the farthest? Can I combine points with money to make up a shortage/add a leg/add a layover/etc? How do I get around redemption issues? (e.g. AA has ridiculously high constantly fluctuating redemption, but United has flat rates)

    We’re going to Maui(!) in several weeks on United points. I’d like to have a gameplan for future trips. I hope to see posts on the endgame of travel hacking. Thanks!

    • Craig says

      Great question!
      Currently I’m going to focus on building relationship with my readers, helping them get frequent flyer miles. Then as my audience transitions to people who have miles I will start writing more redemption tips posts. In the near future (within the year) I do plan to offer some paid consultations where I do award travel bookings for people.
      Thanks for the great topic suggestion.

  2. Ashley says

    You have a lot of great ideas about ways to save money Craig! I enjoy reading your postings on heavenlyhomemakers website, and I appreciate the message you send about stewardship to help the Kingdom, but I will have to speak up that I disagree with this advice!

    Just wondered if you have ever considered that using a credit card IS accumulating debt. You carry the debt over for one month, and even if you pay it off monthly, you are still incurring debt. Even if you have all the money in your savings account to make the payment for the next month, you are still in debt to the credit card company. This. is. debt.

    We wrestled with this when we were using our credit cards for reward purposes, but ultimately, the Bible says to “owe not man anything…” so we believe this does apply. We have seen God really bless this and other financial decisions, that by the world’s standards (and in our flesh!) are not wise, but are just purely obedience to God and His Word.

    Everyone likes free travel, but maybe we should look for other ways to allow the Lord to provide for our vacation. In our home, it’s my husband picking up an extra odd job here and there and putting the money in a vacation fund. Some of the time he would spend “managing” all those credit cards, he spends working with people and having opportunities to share the Gospel, encourage believers, etc. It’s a huge blessing! We have been able to pay cash for our vacations as well, without incurring debt along the way, then paying it off, incurring debt, then paying it off, and so on.

    Further, you have to realize that this can be a bit of a dangerous “game” for those who aren’t as money savvy. They may follow your advice, and get themselves in a really horrible financial situation because they make a mistake (or a few mistakes) managing the cards, or something catastrophic happens and they choose not to pay off their debt, but put their money toward the catastrophe that was intended for their credit cards. There are tons of scenarios, and while you can’t foresee everything with every tip you give, it is pretty common knowledge that credit cards can be a snare to many, many well meaning people.

    There is also a major yoking issue here as well. Even though it seems as though the credit card company is getting the bad end of the relationship, you’re still yoking up with companies that have ruined people’s finances and are not believers!

    Not at all trying to be contentious, just burdened that this practice seems unbiblical, not because you’re ripping anyone off, but because it’s incurring debt and boasting that you “know” (boasting on tomorrow) you’ll be able to pay it off next month.

    I’m sure you’ve invested a lot into this, and I understand that even among the body of believers, this is generally an acceptable practice, but I do encourage you to examine your philosophy and think, what does the Bible say?
    Proverbs 27:1; Romans 13:8; II Corinthians 6:14.

    Striving together with you to bring God glory without squandering what He’s entrusted to us! May God bless you and your ministry! In Christ, Ashley

    • Craig says

      Thanks for your comment. I’m in the process of putting together a full reply and I’ll get back to you.

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