Travel Hacking Cartel Review and Introduction

Updated Feb 9th, 2011.  After trying the Travel Hacking Cartel I’ve decided not to keep my membership.  Instead, I teach you how to make your own Travel Hacking Cartel free.

I woke up at 2 a.m. (local time here) just so I could sign up for the Travel Hacking Cartel.


I’m serious about free travel, and I figured that if someone else has a product that deals with that exact topic then I wanted to be sure to get in on the deal.

By the way, here’s the deal.  When you sign up, you get a 14 day trial for $1.

What is the Travel Hacking Cartel?

The Travel Hacking Cartel is a membership based website where you can get the latest deals and tips for cheap travel.  The Travel Hacking Cartel was founded by Chris Guillebeau who is a frequent international traveler.  The focus of the program is on helping people accumulate miles for free travel.  In fact, the program promises to help members get enough miles for a domestic US roundtrip every quarter.

As a member, you’ll also get access to tutorial videos that help you maximize your earning potential.

This includes general overviews on earning and redeeming miles.

The real bread and butter of the site is the current deals page.  On that page, you’ll be alerted to the best travel mileage earning promotions available on the web.

I checked out the promotions and I discovered a Priority Clubs 500 point survey that I didn’t know about.  I also saw a bonus offer to get a British Airways credit card for 50,000 bonus points.  I saw a link on how to add a card member to my Starwood AMEX for 1,000 points.  Moral of the story is that there were some good finds in the list.

The Travel Hacking Cartel offers three levels of membership:

  1. First Class – This membership has all of the benefits of business class plus it also focuses on upgrades and premium travel.
  2. Business Class – 25 travel hacking tutorials, email + text message deal alerts, hotel deal alerts and help redeeming miles.
  3. Economy Class – 15 travel hacking tutorials, email+ text message deal alerts.

Bonus product: 8 Ways to Fly Free in 2011 – Webinar.  If you are one of the 1st 1,000 to sign up, you’ll also get this free webinar.

What about the Cost?

  • First Class – $39 monthly
  • Business Class – $25 monthly
  • Economy Class – $15 monthly

    Who should and shouldn’t sign up:

    To be honest, with the 14 Day $1 trial, I think everyone should sign up and check it out.  That said, I would only consider continuing as a paid member under the following circumstances:

    1. You live in the US – the best offers are US based.
    2. You are willing to sign up for multiple credit cards – though you don’t NEED to sign up for credit card, credit cards are the absolute best ways to accumulate miles.
    3. You actually plan to travel regularly.  Paying money and accumulating miles is pointless unless you actually plan to travel.
    4. If you can afford it.
    5. You would rather the convenience of someone else scouring the web for deals and bringing back the spoils.  There are websites that offer most of his information free.  My personal favorite is It doesn’t come with the extra guides, but does alert you to most frequent flyer promotions.

    If you want to sign up for the Travel Hacking Cartel, click here.

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