Travel Free Coaching

I’m happy to introduce a new website I’ve been working on. It is the Travel Free Coach where I’ll be working hard to help you travel cheap.


Best of all, the products and services are free.



How to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles from the Comfort of your Living Room eBook (Free)


Introducing the easiest way to earn miles, points, and rewards to get free vacations.

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Airlines offer miles. Hotels offer points. Credit card companies offer rewards. From these reward opportunities, you’ll be able to travel anywhere for practically nothing.


Up until recently, I was doing some number crunching trying to decide if I was going to sell this book for $19.99 or $24.99.


But things are going very well for my blog and I figured I should just thank you for being a reader (or a visitor) and offer this product free.


No email address required. No money needed.


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Travel Reward Credit Card Consultations (Free)


Several weeks ago I read a blog post where someone was bragging about his travel related credit card. Fortunately, for him I knew of a card that had a lower annual fee and could actually earn him 25% more value out of every dollar he spent.


A few years back, I was using the wrong credit card for some upcoming travel. What made it wrong? Simply the fact that within that calendar year, had I used a different card I would have had $700 more in rewards.Credit Card Selection Consultation


You can avoid that error by using my customized credit card consultation.


It takes a lot of time to keep up with all the current reward credit cards. From there, you need to crunch numbers to see what is the best credit card for you.


Or …


You could visit my credit card consultation page on the Travel Free Coach website and complete the questionnaire.


Then …


I’ll email you with a customized recommendation that suggests a few cards that are worthy of your consideration – free of charge.


Again, this is another service that I may charge for in the future. For now, I’m wanting to help people maximize their rewards so I can see how valuable the service is to my readers.


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Dream Vacation Mileage Strategy


Avoid the hassle and potential piCustomized Frequent Flyer Mileage Strategy  300x250tfalls of choosing your preferred frequent flyer program. Instead, decide to make the most out of every flyer mile and take your vacation sooner.


  • This consultation is specifically designed for people who have a vacation goal in mind, but don’t know how to go about earning the necessary points to make their dream a reality.
  • This consultation is for people who are just entering into the world of frequent flyer miles and feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the number of points earning options.
  • It’s for individuals who want to spend their time relaxing on beaches instead of researching in front of a computer.


Click here to get more information.


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Award Booking Assistance


This coaching comes with a catch.


This service is only for individuals who have used a link at Help Me Travel Cheap to sign up for a credit card.  My theory is that if you’re using this site to get miles I’ll thank you by helping you use your miles – free of charge.


To get more details click here.


Reward Booking Assistnace


* As a note: at this time, these consultations and products are for people who reside in the United States only.