Till May 29th get select Priority Club hotel stays for $54 per night. Around 65% off. EXPIRED

In my popular post on getting Free hotel stays at Priority Club hotels I talk about a way you can purchase points for $67.50 to get enough point to stay at a selected point breaker hotel.  Until midnight on May 29th, 2009 Priority Clubs is offering a bonus 25% free points when you buy points. Interested in taking advantage of this promotion?  Read on.

Because Point Breaker hotels are restricted by both dates, locations and availability I suggest you Click here and then scroll all the way down and click on Priority Clubs Point Breakers 5000 points.  Select the area you are interested in.  For this example lets select Canada.  Now you can see the locations in Canada that are available for booking through August 31st, 2009.  If there is no location you are interested in there is not going to be much advantage for you to follow the procedure below.  But remember at any point you can check up on the PointBreakers page to see if you can get a hotel by buying point for $67.50.       Photo by LifeHouseDesign

  1. If you find a location you are interested in within the time frame confirm that the location is available on your selected dates.  Imagine you wanted to go to the Holiday Inn St. Johns.  Click on that location and enter your desired dates.  I entered June 19-21st, 2009.
  2. At this point you will need to either sign in (if you have a Priority Clubs account) or sign up.  Signing up only takes a couple of minutes.
  3. Now I see that my selected location in St. Johns is available for my dates at the rate of 5,000 per night.  If you were to book that same hotel on the same dates paying cash it would be an estimated total of 327.27 CAD (291 USD) for the two nights.  If instead you would rather pay $108 for the two nights keep reading.  Of course, if you have 10,000 points then just use your points and go!
  4. Otherwise just click here then click on purchase points now.  The points cost 13.50 per 1,000.  If you purchase 8,000 then the 25% bonus will give you the remaining 2,000 points you need.  The 8,000 points should cost $108. Once you have received your points go back and follow steps 1-4 to make your booking.

Remember this promotion ends May 29th at midnight.  If you just need to top up a few points this might be a good time.

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