How to Get Passport Photos for Kids

Tweet Last week I told you how to get a passport for kids.  Probably the hardest part of getting passports for kids is getting the passport photos.  My two youngest children had passport photos taken at just 4 or 5 days old in order for them to travel internationally by air. It can be difficult […]

How to Get a Passport for Kids

Tweet Applying for infant passports or a passport for kids is not uncommon with the number of families who travel now.  All passengers traveling by air internationally are required to carry their own passports – yes, even newborns and infants.  Kids may be little, but they need their own passport. All of our children have […]

Effective Today You Need Your Passport When Driving Between Canada and US

Tweet Effective today (June 1st, 2009) all people entering the US will be required to have a valid passport.  This includes all forms of transportation – even by car.  Previously, US and Canadian citizens could zip across the boarder in their cars and zip back again with only a drivers license.  The conditions have slowly […]