Airport Transportation and Parking Options and Alternatives

Tweet When traveling can be so expensive, why does getting to the airport need to be so expensive? Here is a list of alternatives for you to consider before heading to the airport on your next vacation.  The cheapest option for you will depend on your family size, vacation length, and local prices. Take a […]

Vacationing With Extended Family: Rent Two Cars Or A Van?

Tweet It’s a little early, but we’re planning a family vacation that is about nine months out.  We’ll be vacationing with my parents which is great because there are a lot of advantages to vacationing with extended family. Since we are going to be staying in a condominium, we know that we’ll need our own […]

How to Save On Airport Parking

Tweet When you fly your car is not going with you!  In our consumerist culture that means someone is going to make money for the small piece of real estate you rent while you car sits in the parking spot. Photo by Alex92287   Here are some things to consider to minimize the cost of […]