Introduction to Brand Specific Websites

Tweet So far I have introduced you to three of the four main ways to book travel online.  The Travel Search Engine.  Read that introduction here. The Online Travel Agent.  Read that introduction here. The Opaque Booking Site.  Read that introduction here. The fourth way, of course, is to book your travel from a specific […]

Deciding Which Points Program is Best for You

Tweet   Photo by Lawrence Lessig Because there are so many programs out there: airline points, hotel points, car rental points, non-specific brand points, you the people, need some criteria whereby we can evaluate which program works best for YOU. Not all programs are created equal. What program allows you to earn points quickly might […]

Points Programs: A Beginner’s Introduction

Tweet   When you travel one of the many things you should expect is to be offered points, miles, or other benefits associated with a rewards program. There is a misconception that only people who fly weekly or use a hotel monthly will benefit from such programs. This is simply not true. There are hundreds […]