Traveling to Europe? The Case for Star Alliance

Tweet I’m not sure what it is about Americans and Europe, but it seems to me that most Americans want to be sure to visit to Europe at some point in their lives. Europe has the art, the architect, the history, and the romance – the very things that are missing from many North American […]

2 Simple Steps to Go from Zero Miles to a Free Business Class Ticket to Europe

Tweet Sometimes it’s possible to get bogged down by all the numbers, miles, and points on this blog.  So today I want to talk in very practical and specific terms about how you can turn credit card sign up bonuses into a free business class ticket to Europe. Updated April 2012.  This tip no longer […]

Find a Budget Airline

Tweet One thing that I find that disadvantages travelers when they are traveling overseas is a lack of familiarity with their travel options.  When you only use the large online travel agents you are likely to miss the smaller car rental companies, hotels, and airlines. I live in Papua New Guinea and many of you […]