How Hertz Punishes Gold Members (or is it Just Americans?)

Tweet I thought today’s post would be a good follow-up since earlier this week I talked about the amazing benefits of Hilton Gold status.Today, I’ll explain how Hertz punishes their valuable customers. Here’s the story. I was booking a one way rental car from Dallas to Houston.  Hertz had very good rates, considering it was […]

Justifying a $450 Annual Fee: Why I Signed Up for an The Platinum Card® from American Express

Tweet Three or four years ago I first learned about The Platinum Card ® from American Express. I almost chocked on my sandwich when I noticed that some fools were paying $450 per year for the card. I thought those were the type of people who need to visit Help Me Travel Cheap and learn how to […]

50,000 American Airline AAdvantage Miles

Tweet Update: some of the links in this post are no longer active.  Here’s an update on the best American Airlines credit card offers. This American Airlines 50,000 AAdvantage miles bonus is not new by any means, but I do want to be sure that you know about it.  The card has been listed on […]

American Airlines AAdvantage Program Overview

Tweet Today I’m going to introduce the American Airlines AAdvantage program. I think the main reason why most people don’t collect miles is that they don’t see the value in understanding how points and mileage systems work.  Who really wants to research every mileage program in an effort to determine which is the best program […]

The Platinum Card ® from American Express Travel Benefits Introduction

Tweet Today I’ll be discussing the The Platinum Card ® from American Express, a prized possession in the wallet of any frequent traveler.  Yet, on the other hand, it is a thorn in the flesh of we budget travelers who love the features, yet wonder if it is worth justifying the $450 annual fee. I […]

American Airlines AAdvantage Points Program | Best Family Mileage Program

Tweet The ‘best’ of anything is subjective. However, as I’ve been personally searching for the best points program, I’m finding that the American Airlines AAdavantage program has several benefits that make it a highly appealing program.  Of course, if American doesn’t fly out of your home city, then you should try and accumulate points elsewhere. […]

Keeping American Advantage Miles Active

Tweet A reader recently wrote in asking about keeping his American Airlines Advantage miles active: We have a Citibank American Advantage card in order to accumulate miles.  The problem is that it has an annual fee of $85, so I’ve scheduled to cancel it this April.  Our predicament is that we haven’t found a way […]