Thank You Rewards Network Review and Introduction for Travelers

Tweet Since 2006, my wife and I have been part of the Thank You Rewards Network.  We’re now in the process of searching out a more valuable program. How Do You Earn Points? There are four ways to earn points through the Thank You Rewards program. #1. Thank You Rewards Credit Cards by Like […]

Smart Ways To Save Money On Airline Tickets

Tweet This article was written by Timothy Ng who is a regular personal finance writer and part of the team at Credit Card Finder, a 100% free Australian credit card comparison and application service. Visit the Credit Card Finder website for more information on the available frequent flyer credit cards. The cost of air travel […]

Spirit Airlines Charging for Carry-ons| The State of Domestic US Air Travel

Tweet This week, Spirit Airlines announced that they will be charging $45 to stow a  carryon in the overhead compartments onboard one of their aircrafts.  Good news, bad news, or just plain make you mad news? When I first read the reports, I thought it was stupid.  Another airline finding another creative way to make […]

How Do Airline Mileage Programs Work?

Tweet Frequent Flyer miles, like all points related programs, are typically referred to as ‘incentives’ or rewards for ‘loyalty’.  In a fairytale world of Princes and Princesses this would accurately describe points programs.  But the current status of most mileage programs will not result in a happily ever after. Wikipedia reports that in 1981 American […]

Flights, Hotels, Last Minute Travel For An Adoption

Tweet A reader wrote: We had already been researching the separate tickets for each leg of the flight.  Definitely cheaper.  Our hard thing is that we won’t know when we’re traveling until last minute.  Feel free to throw out any tips you have.  Do you recommend doing the hotel thing or just doing a crazy […]

Step By Step Guide to Buying Cheap Airline Tickets Online

Tweet I have introduced you to the four common ways to buy tickets online.  If you missed those introductions make sure you are familiar with them: The Travel Search Engine The Online Travel Agent The Opaque Travel Site Directly from the Airline Here is how I would organize my search for air travel tickets. I […]

Which are better, hotel points or flight points?

Tweet In my experience Hotel Points (with the right program) are a much better idea than (almost any) Flight Points program. People love to talk about free flights, but free hotels are MUCH more rewarding. Never pay anything – free is free. If you manage to snag a free flight in North America you still […]

A Unique Airline I Actually Like – Southwest Airlines

Tweet The first thing you need to know about Southwest is that they differ from the majority of airlines in several ways. As I have previously mentioned, they do not have many (if any) online booking sites or travel search engines that search their flights. Therefore, they can be easy to miss if you do […]