First Time Flying? 17 Things You Must Know

Tweet Attention first time fliers! I read this on one of my facebook friend’s statuses today: (Please excuse any incorrect grammar or lack of consideration in the post!) “Note to people who dont fly much– when the plane shakes a little, do not put your head on your knees, grab my shoulder and start repeating […]

Is Random Security Screening Really Effective?

Tweet I passed through three security checkpoints on this trip. I was fortunate enough to be ‘randomly’ selected for a security screening. I was passing through the metal detector and made it through safely without any notice from the machine. The security person yelled, “Security check, no alarm,” and I was directed to a separate […]

6 Tips for Surviving Long Flights with Young Kids

Tweet Traveling with children even a short distance can be intimidating. But boarding a plane knowing that you’re stuck there for a while can be even more frightening.  Forget the not-so-friendly looks you’re getting as you board with your crew, and try out these tips! 6 Tips for Traveling with Children by Air 1.  Bring […]