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If you are not familiar with Priceline or Hotwire I suggest you read this article

When it comes to hotels it is very difficult to get a better price than using one of these two websites.  You can read how to get the cheapest price between Priceline and Hotwire to be sure which site will offer you the best price.

The obvious trade off when you book on these site is that you do not know exactly hotel where you will stay.  Hence the term opaque website. 

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It is possible for people who are familiar with the area and the star rating system to accurately predict what hotel they will be awarded.  This is especially true of Hotwire.  Now there is a tool that makes this booking process even easier –  In addition to some great introductory material they also have a Hotel’s Winning bids page.  Here you can select the state of your desired travel and people report what they paid, how many stars the hotel was, and the actual hotel location.  So how does this help you?

Lets assume you are planning a trip to Denver Colorado.  On the section under Colorado you can click on the Hotwire winning bid section.  You will know that someone bought a 3* in the Denver Tech Center and the stay was at the Hyatt Palace South Park.  Thus, if you were heading to that area you would be fairly certain that you would be awarded the same if you purchased  a 3* in the same area.  This of course, does not guarantee your hotel location, but the more information you have the more likely you are to know your exact location.

Before you next Priceline or Hotwire purchase be sure to check out

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