Suggested Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Add On

Here are a few good Firefox Add-ons to consider:

  1. Forex Currency Converter 1.3 – Great for travel and shopping!  This add-on underlines any numbers on your page.  For a quick currency conversion just click on the number and customize your currencies.  Saves the hassle of going to a separate site and manually entering the information.
  2. Currency Watch – This experimental add-on is ideal if you have booked your tickets and are ready to go.  It automatically displays one currency at the bottom of your browser.  This gives you an opportunity to see what that trend is between those two currencies – without any extra browsing. 
  3. Kayak Paddle – Another experimental add-on.  Searches travel while you search travel on other sites.  Always provides a second search without an extra step.

I’m not an internet explorer user, but you can check out their add-ons here.

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