Southwest Good News! Expanded AirTran Integration

I’ll be open about my bias – I really love Southwest.

It seems like every time I fly Southwest I have a positive experience.

If you haven’t been to, you might want to do some poking around to see if the expanded integration with AirTran is beneficial for your travel plans.

Southwest has started booking some AirTran flights on their website.

I think this is fantastic news for three reasons:

  1. Tickets booked at give you a chance to check two bags per person for free.
  2. Tickets booked at don’t have a cancellation fee.
  3. Once the integration is complete and the AirTran name disappears, you’ll have more ways to use a companion pass.

Southwest International Flights

As the integration continues, Southwest will be selling all of AirTrans international destinations (in the Caribbean and Mexico).  The plan is that by the end of April all AirTran flights will be integrated.  Yes, this does include international flights.

In fact, as of April 14th, Southwest will be flying to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

From Denver, it takes 23,064 Southwest points plus $10 in taxes and fees.  I think it’s pretty amazing that for $230 worth of points (conservatively valuing points at a penny each) that two people (one with a companion pass) can fly to Puerto Rico.

If you haven’t been to, it might be time for a visit.

Hat Tip: Dans Deals


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