Southwest Credit Card | $830 Worth of Flights

Update October 18th, 2011. This promotions is BACK!  To get the updated details you can click here.  It is a limited time offer, but Chase is not saying for how long.

Depending on your travel habits, this 2 free round trip Southwest credit card promotion ought to give you a reason to smile.  If you want points or miles for travel domestically in the United States, then it is going to be hard to beat this offer by Chase.

Southwest Credit Card 50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus Details:

  • After your first purchase, you’ll be given 50,000 Rapid Rewards points.
  • 1 Point per dollar spent
  • 2 Points per dollar spend at
  • This card does come with a $99 annual fee (not waived the first year).
  • 6,000 points every card membership anniversary

The banner ads by Chase are obviously promoting this as a “Limited Time Offer”.  However, Chase has not publically put an end date on this promotion.  If you’re interested in the card, it would be better to get it sooner – not later.

A Basic Primer on Earning and Using Points Under the New Rapid Rewards Program

You can get a full introduction to the Rapids Rewards program, but here’s a quick overview.

As far as earning the points, the more expensive your ticket classm the more points you earn.

  • Business Select tickets earn 12 points per dollar spent.
  • Anytime tickets earn 10 points per dollar spent.
  • Wanna Get Away tickets earn 6 points per dollar spent.

While earning is disadvantageous for those who like to buy the cheapest tickets, it is advantageous for those who like to use points to buy the cheapest tickets.

  • Business Select tickets cost 120 points per dollar sale price.
  • Anytime tickets cost 100 points per dollar sale price.
  • Wanna Get Away tickets cost 60 points per dollar sale price.

What’s to LUV about this offer?

This is a great offer if you know how to find cheap fares on Southwest.  It is especially advantageous to families who want to use points to book tickets.  This is because there are no seat restrictions and blackout dates.  If you can buy a seat with cash, you can buy it with points.  That can’t be said for many reward programs.

While Chase is promoting 2 free round trips, this promotion could actually get you a lot more than two free round trips.  I’ve put together this short sample chart to show that if you’re traveling between cheaper city pairs, you can actually stretch this to more than four round trip tickets.

Departure CityArrival CityBest Available Wanna Get Away One Way Points NeededTotal # of One Way Flights you could fly for 50,000 points
Houston (Hobby)Los Angeles (LAX)9,2405
Denver Los Angeles (LAX)5,0409
BaltimorePortland, Oregon10,7404 (&7,040 points left)

What’s not to LUV about the 50,000 Point Southwest Credit Card?

The annual fee on this card is not waived.  While it is more than worth it, it would be nice if the $99 annual fee went bye bye.

If you have too many Chase applications recently, I suggest sitting this one out.

Remember, Southwest only has a few international destinations so your basic earning opportunities will be for domestic US tickets.

General Note Regarding Chase Credit Cards:

If you’ve applied for another Chase credit card in the last 30-45 days, you’ll probably need to sit this out (or see if it is still available after that time period).  If it’s been longer between applications then you can probably get approved for another card (depending on the total number of cards you have with Chase).



  1. Jeff says

    Wow, everything looks great except for the annual fee up front. But even that isn’t a big deal considering the benefits. One question, can you book flights for people other than yourself?

    • Jeff says

      Ok, actually two questions:

      1. Can you book flights for people other than the card holder?
      2. Is it difficult to keep the points alive after you cancel the card?

      Thanks for your help.

      • Craig says

        Thanks for asking.
        1. Can you book flights for people other than the card holder? YES. You can use your points and book them in any name you wish.
        2. Keeping the points alive. Points don’t expire as long as you have activity every 24 months. If you get the card and keep it for a year then you’ll have activity over the next year (every purchase you make earns points). That means you should easily have 36 months until the points need to be used or until you’ll need other points activity.

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