Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Mileage Rewards on Black Friday Purchases

Once several years ago, I went Black Friday shopping for the first time.

That same year I also vowed never to go Black Friday shopping again!  I couldn’t stand the crowds. I didn’t like the fighting for a DVD player just like it was a fight for the liberation of an oppressed nation.

A couple of years ago, my Black Friday experience took a positive turn.

I discovered online sales!

With online Black Friday purchases, you can avoid the crowds and (best of all) earn even more miles if you’re smart about your approach.

How to Maximize Miles for Black Friday Purchases

1.  Choose the right credit card.

Obviously, you’ll want to be sure you choose a card that will give you the most rewards for your purchase.

Personally, I recommend using an American Express credit card if you plan on purchasing any electronics.  American Express has a great purchase warrantee for electronics.  This year when I bought my MacBook Pro, I used the American Express Premier Rewards card.  Before that, I was using the Starwood American Express for electronic purchases.

2.  Check purchase bonuses through Evreward.

I don’t think that Evreward will pick up the holiday season bonuses, but it is a good place to start so you can see what deals are offered for the store where you plan to shop.

As a point of reference, I’ve included a snapshot of the results when you search for eligible stores.

Depending on how you value the individual points, you can choose which reward shopping mall to use to enter the store.


3.  Check your points program for bonus offerings.

Several of the credit card points programs are offering bonuses if you make your purchases through their shopping portal.

If you sign into your Ultimate Rewards account, you can see all the offerings, but below are a few noteworthy ones (in my opinion).

Nov. 28th – 10 points extra per dollar at the Apple Store.  Apple rarely puts anything on sale, so 10 points per dollar is actually a big deal.  I have a MacBook pro and paid about $1,200 for it.  With this promotion, you could get 12,000 Ultimate Rewards points, which is conservatively estimated at $120 in value.  This is basically a 10% off sale.

Nov. 25th – 10 extra points per dollar at Best Buy.  If you can get in on a good sale and get 10 extra points per dollar, then why not?

Other 10 extra points per dollar offers:

  • Overstock: December 12th, 2011
  • November 21st, 2011
  • December 5th, 2011

You can view the holiday rewards calendar here.

American Express Rewards is being outdone by Ultimate Rewards (again), but they do have some special offers.

  • Apple Store 5x points
  • 3x
  • Target 5x
  • JC Crew 3x
  • Bloomingdales 5x

To see all offers, just sign into your American Express Rewards account.

4.  Sign up for MasterCard offer to spend $200 and get $20 gift card.

If you’re going to be shopping with a MasterCard, you should enroll in the MasterCard Holiday Promotion with your MasterCard card.  All you need to do is to shop with your registered MasterCard online between November 15th and December 31, 2011.  After spending $200 online (can be multiple transactions), be provided with instructions on how to claim your MasterCard gift card.


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