Travel Pregnant | Is It A Good Idea?

When it come to traveling with babies, in is easier than out. 

If you want to travel pregnant, go for it!  As long as you are having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy and your doctor or midwife gives you a green light, then GO! 

What can you do when you travel pregnant?

Having traveled literally halfway around the world while pregnant (even at 36 weeks), then back again with the little one in my arms, I know what it is like.  On the way, my two arms were empty.  I was able to help with luggage and my other children, and I even had a built-in tray table!  Coming back, however, my hands were more than full.  Road trips change drastically after the baby is born as well.  Stopping for feedings, to soothe crying babies, and do diaper changes really adds time on to your trip.

Since vacations will never be the same once your baby is born, you need to take the time now if you can afford a vacation and enjoy it.  You may need to take a different kind of vacation than when you’re not expecting, due to lack of energy or other physical limitations.  But there are still many things you can do.  Maybe it’s not the best time for a theme park or tent camping, but there are lots of other things you can do – even during the last trimester of your pregnancy.

When I was about 6 months pregnant with our first child, Craig picked me up from work one Friday and surprised me with a trip to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.  It was the perfect getaway for the two of us.  It was not a long drive since we were living in Memphis at the time.  Once we were there, we were able to just relax, do some light hiking (which is still possible during pregnancy), and have a good time.  I still remember someone saying to me, “So, you’re hiking for two?” 

I’ve been blessed with normal pregnancies, so I’ve been able to do all kinds of things.  During pregnancies, I’ve been on planes, trains, buses, boats, and cars.   I’ve flown over 35,000 miles while pregnant.   I’ve gone to zoos, parks, museums, and shows.  I’ve been able to swim, hike, snorkel, and mini golf.  The possibilities are endless.

Typically, you can travel by plane internationally up to your 36th week of pregnancy.  Before booking a flight, be sure to check with your airline regarding their policy.  If you are flying late in your pregnancy, you probably want to have a doctor’s note confirming your good health and how many weeks along you are.

Consider taking a trip that is slower paced.  A relatively short drive is probably better than taking a road trip across the USA.  Just plan extra time to stop along the way to walk around and stretch. 

If you are not in the shape to walk much on your outings, consider guided tours on a ferry, trolley, or train.  When you are pregnant, swimming is a great source of exercise and fun.  So, the beach is not out of the question, nor is a hotel with a great pool.

Remember that spending this time with your husband is the most important thing – not necessarily the kind of vacation you take.  Especially if you are pregnant with your first child, don’t shy away from taking this one last hoorah before the baby arrives. 

What kind of vacation do you recommend for a pregnant woman?


  1. Jennifer says

    We live in Florida. We’ve got two boys (6 & 7) that will be coming with us and just found out that we’ll be too far along to take a cruise now that they all have the 24 week cut off. Any ideas on what to do that’d be a fun last hoorah for a while, that doesn’t require too much chasing the kiddos?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jeri says

      @ Jennifer – Sorry that the cruise won’t work out. First, I would have a little family meeting and see what the boys are interested in doing. Kids often have some grand ideas! Then, consider your budget for your vacation. Decide whether you like outdoor stuff or indoor stuff (depends on the season, I guess!). Think about if you’ll do something local or try to drive or fly to another state/country. Maybe there are some great museums, shows, landmarks, or parks right in your area you haven’t visited. Hopefully your spouse can do the chasing part and you can get some rest when you need it! Take it easy, and don’t pack the days too full so you can enjoy the vacation.

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