Should You Prepay for Fuel When You Rent A Car? Final Thoughts

Earlier I posted an article addressing the question Should You Prepay for Fuel? While I had the vehicle I had serious doubts if I had done the right thing when I prepaid for fuel.  Now that the car is safely back in the hands of Enterprise I thought I would make my final verdict.

No, no, no.  I definitely don’t think you should prepay for fuel when you rent a car.

Several advantageous things did happened when I prepaid:101_0204

I bought the tank of gas for $.69 per liter.  By the time I returned my car (when I would have filled up) the price of gas was up to 93.9.  With a 64 liter tank I saved $15.94.

With a lot math, a GPS, and fuel trip estimator in my vehicle I think I arrived at the rental location on fumes.

Here was the biggest reason why I would not prepay again – I was too cheap and stubborn to leave a lot (any) gas in the tank.  I figured whatever gas I left was a donation to the rental agency.  As a result I had to make two stops close to my destination buying approximately $4 worth of gas each time.  It was a lot of hassle and was not worth the frustration.  In the future I would rather just stop at the gas station next door and fill up.

Prepay fuel in a rental car … Two Thumbs Down.

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