Save Money on Ground Transportation

When we travel we often look for travel options most familiar to us.  For example, people who own cars often rent a car when they fly to a new destination.  There are, however, so many alternative forms of transportation that could save you a bundle.

Photo by Diego_3336

Most major cities have at least a decent public transportation system.  Between subways and buses you can get to many popular destinations.  Public transportation is most appealing when:

  1. You can get a pass that allows unlimited travel
  2. Your destination charges expensive parking fees
  3. The larger the city, the more traffic, one way signs, and road closures there are.  Who wants to mess with their own vehicle?  While in Washington D.C. I drove from place to place … big mistake.

Free or inexpensive promotional transportation.  Some hotels provide shuttle buses to city centers.  Major tourist attractions offer free pick up or will pick up for a small fee.

Walk or bike.  Bike rentals are inexpensive and a fun form of transportation.  At times distances are closer than you might assume.

Certainly there will be times when renting a car makes the most sense, but on other occasions you might be better off using another form of transportation and it could even be cheaper.

One last tip, go to Google Maps and select your departure location and arrival destination.  Google maps can tell you the distance and time by foot, car, and even public transportation.

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