Priority Clubs: My Second Favorite Program for Getting Free Hotels

I have previously mentioned that my favorite hotel points program is the Starwood Starpoints program.  My second favorite is the Priority Clubs Program.

Hotels that participate in the Priority Clubs program include Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo, Staybridge, Candlewood and Crown Plaza.

The biggest drawback of the Priority Clubs program when compared head to head with Starwood is the amount of points required for a regular redemption. Typically, a Holiday Inn will require 15,000 points and a Crowne Plaza 25,000 per night. However, Priority clubs does have one way to earn and use points that makes it ‘worth consideration.’

Priority Clubs continually offers ‘sale’ on a ‘discounted’ location.  Hotel locations that are selected offer low redemption rates. The program is called Priority Clubs Point Breakers. Go to this link and click on Point Breakers.  Hotels listed as Point Breakers can be booked for 5,000 points per night. The hotels are usually only offered for about a two month period, but can be much less.  Also, one can never know what locations will be selected as point breakers.

Point Breakers are ideal for travelers who:

  1. Do not mind last minute hotel bookings
  2. Are willing to travel to places where Priority Clubs offers the point breakers.
  3. Love to get a good deal

The fastest way to get points is through their credit card program. Below is a brief introduction to their personal and business options.


  1. Earn 15,000 bonus points (1 free Holiday Inn nights or 3 nights at a point breaker)
  2. $20 Credit on your first statement
  3. Fee Free the first year then $25 thereafter


  1. Earn 30,000 bonus points (2 free Holiday Inn nights or 6 nights at a point breaker)
  2. Bonus 15,000 when you spend $20,000 annually
  3. $20 Credit on your first statement
  4. Fee Free the first year then $25 thereafter

To sign up for either card click here.  Be sure to read the current terms and conditions as they may have changed.

Therefore, if a person signs up for a personal and business they can earn 45,000 points. Using their regular rates that would be 3 nights free. However, if you are patient / flexible you may end up being able to use those 45,000 points for 9 free hotel nights.

Also do not forget a husband and wife can both capitalize on each card, thus potentially giving a combined 18 nights free hotel – assuming you find a point breaker location that matches your travel plan and dates.

You can also buy Point breaker nights, by buying 5,000 points for about $67.  Points cost $13.50 per 1000 points.

Personal Success rate with Point Breakers (within a two year period):

Typically I have had great success with using Point Breakers. I do not know if it is a blessing or something else, but …

My family had already purchased tickets to Christchurch, New Zealnd and planned to drive to Queenstown. We were able to get 2 nights in the Holiday Inn Christchurch (Rates start at $105 NZ per night) as a point breaker (total 10,000 points). We then drove to Queenstown and stayed at the Crowne Plaza Queenstown (Rates start at $151 NZ per night) for a night (5,000 points).

On a separate occasion my parents were flying through Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and we were able to get them a point breaker night for 5,000 points. Sure beats the $245 per night they would charge otherwise.

My wife and I were planning a trip to Toronto, Ontario and they had a Holiday Inn Express in Toronto (Rates start at 149.50 CAD per night) for two nights when we were going. Another 10,000 points and another two free nights hotel.

Last year my in-laws were traveling through Brisbane, Australia and I helped arrange two free nights at the Crown Plaza Gold Coast  (Rates start at $149 AUD per night) for only 10,000 points.

I guess the moral of the story is that their opportunities are restrictive, but when they have a hotel in a city you can use, you absolutely cannot beat the value.

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