Points Programs: A Beginner’s Introduction


When you travel one of the many things you should expect is to be offered points, miles, or other benefits associated with a rewards program. There is a misconception that only people who fly weekly or use a hotel monthly will benefit from such programs. This is simply not true. There are hundreds of ways to earn reward points.


Ways to earn points with most reward programs:

  1. The credit card – get a huge spike in your point total. But be careful, the credit card usage might cost you more than the rewards.
  2. This one will be obvious – use the brand for which you participate in the reward program. Take a flight. Stay in a hotel.
  3. Use a partner service. Some airlines will give you points for staying in certain hotels. Some airlines will give points for flying on one of their partner airlines. You can earn points for your rental cars too.
  4. Financial services. Use an endorsed bank. Get identity theft insurance. Use a selected brokerage firm.
  5. Travel Services. Use a specified travel agent for booking a family vacation.
  6. Eating. Dining for miles programs allow you to earn points when you pay for food at certain restaurants.
  7. Shop. Buy online via the program’s shopping site.
  8. And More. You can find just about any way to get miles for everyday things. Find out the specifics of your favorite travel program by going to their website.