Personal Proof: Get Two Chase Sapphire Preferred Sign up Bonuses

There’s no better way to introduce this post than to say that your results may vary.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a plan to get 180,000 Ultimate Rewards points in sign up bonuses.  Basically, the plan involved getting the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa and then later the Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard.  At the same time, a person could get the Ink Bold and then later the Ink Plus card.

The sign up bonuses for the Chase Sapphire Preferred cards are 40,000 each, and the Ink Bold and Plus cards are 50,000.  Thus, between these four cards, a person could end up with 180,000.

The plan sounded great until I got some reader feedback saying it wasn’t working for them.

Some Chase representatives told readers you can’t get the MasterCard after having the Visa card.  Others reported being told that they wouldn’t be eligible for the bonus on the second card.

Honestly, I started to get nervous.

I know the first claim was not true – that you couldn’t get a MasterCard after having the Visa card.

Can I Get a Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard After Having a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa?

I could personally claim that was not true because I have a MasterCard version of the Chase Sapphire Preferred, and I cancelled my Visa version in order to get it.

Here’s exactly what I did:

I’d had the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa for about 8 months.  I found a link for the Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard (as outlined in this post).  I applied for the card.  I did not call Chase to ask if I could get the bonus again.  A few days later, I got a letter from Chase saying that they assumed the application was a mistake because I already have a Chase Sapphire Preferred.  There was a reference number on the letter.  I called the number on the letter and said that I did indeed have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, but I was applying for a Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard.  The representative asked why I’d be interested in the MasterCard version.  I explained how I’d like to use the card at Sam’s.  He responded by saying that was the reason why most people wanted the MasterCard.  He could open the MasterCard account for me, but he would need to cancel my Visa version.  I asked about the points and was told that I’d lose my points if they were still in the account associated with that Visa card.  I told him to make a note on my account about the possibility of getting the MasterCard after canceling the Visa.  I hung up and transferred the points to my Ink Bold account associated Ultimate Rewards account.  Thus, my Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Ultimate Rewards account balance was $0.  I then called back and asked to cancel the Visa and open the MasterCard.

Thus, there are three things you need to be aware of:

  1. Don’t try to keep both accounts open.  When you sign up for the MasterCard Chase Sapphire Preferred, be prepared to tell them to close the Visa account.
  2. You will need a valid reason why you want a MasterCard Chase Sapphire Preferred instead of a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa.  In our case, we shop at Sam’s Club and they don’t accept Visa.  Saying that you want another 40,000 bonus points is probably not going to help your case.
  3. If you get a phone agent who says it’s not possible, thank them politely and then call back.  Don’t call to ask if it is possible, but call to ask their help to make it happen after you’ve already applied for the MasterCard.



  1. Kurtis says

    Here is a Data Point on the Sapphire MC. I submitted an app 7 days ago and received a message that I would be notified by mail. Today a letter from Chase stated that I needed to call them “to ensure that (I) have the best credit card to meet (my) needs.” Upon calling, I explained that I wanted to switch from VISA to MC. No questions asked…she made the switch and confirmed that I would get the bonus upon meeting min/spend and the fee is waived for the first year. The VISA would get cancelled and all UR points would automatically transfer over (even though I had already moved them). Thanks for the great advice, Craig. It worked for me!

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