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Later this month I’ll be taking a trip from Papua New Guinea to Canada, the United States, and Australia.  Since I talk a lot about traveling I thought I would share with you where I bought my tickets and travel plans from and why.

Getting out of PNG there really is not a lot of travel options- either Air Nuigini or Airlines PNG.  I actually went with a more expensive ticket that gave me a much better itinerary out of the country. 

Tickets between Australia and Los Angeles were purchased via Expedia.  I could have booked the same tickets directly from Qantas, but I wanted to get Thankyou Reward points.  Unfortunately, I forget that I needed to book $5,000+ worth of airfare to get the points.  At least I didn’t spend anything more.

Like I suggest I booked multiple legs with a ticket only as far as LAX. 

From LAX – BUF I’ll be traveling Continental.  Of course, I checked with Southwest but excluding baggage the two airlines were similarly priced, but the Continental flight allowed me to arrive about three hours soon.

I tried to use points from multiple airlines, but no one could get me either a one-way or multi ticket that I needed.  Actually, American could have flown me from LAX – YYZ for 25,000 one-way in first class.  I sort of regret not taking it, but I thought I’d save my miles for later.  Unfortunately, finding mileage flights is so hard I should have save my money and used the points. 

The remainder of my Stateside travel is with Southwest (BUF – HOU – LAX).  Saving money on baggage is huge.

While in Houston I’ll be renting a car that I booked through  I check both Hotwire and Priceline and they couldn’t beat the price I found through  Besides I was able to chose my preferred rental company.  This was nice because I have some US Airways points set to expire so I get some activity on that account.

For our time in Australia we rented a car from .  Compared to Sidestep Vromm Vromm was able to offer us a better price. 

Our family will be staying in the Four Points Darling Harbour for five nights.  Since we have three kids we’ll be getting two rooms – which will be very nice.  We’re taking advantage of staying 4 nights on points and getting one free.  The room will set us back 56,000 points, but we’re also saving about $1,600 US (the price if we paid cash for our rooms).  In case you’re interested here’s how you can start collecting Starpoints.

One the way back into New Guinea we snagged a room at the Crowne Plaza in Port Moresby.  Rooms usually cost over $250 US so we willingly let go of 5,000 Priority Clubs points.  I love Point Breaker hotel promotions.

There you have it.  A roundup of our very own frugal family vacation.


  1. Erin says

    Hi Craig,

    Love the post. I would suggest you give Car Rental Express a try at some point too. I’ve found better deals with them than Haven’t tried Vroomvroomvroom yet so I’ll have to check that one out too. Do they only rent cars in Australia?

    I wish I could get as much traveling in as you appear to. Great post, thanks!


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