More Airline Fees

The Hamilton Spectator resports airlines are loading up on fees to up revenue.

Here are some of the notable increases:

  • I had already shared that US Airways was charging an extra $5 if you pay for your bag fee at the check in counter.  It appears as though United is doing the same.
  • Air Tran is asking for $20 if your want to sit in an exit row seat
  • Air Canada set to charge for pets on board ($100 domestic round trip and $200 international round trip)
  • Ryanair to charge 5 euros to check in online and 10 euros to check in at the counter

Remember when booking airline tickets be sure to read all of the associated fees.  Determine the real cost of travel.  This is espeically true as the current airline culture is to increase fees in an attempt to make up for lost revenue.

Photo by Leonid Mamchenkov

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