Man’s Best Friend – The Sky is the Limit

Airlines are realizing that they cannot miss out on a single opportunity to attract a paid customer.  There are some travelers out there (I am certainly not one) who will not go anywhere unless their dog, cat, or pet gorilla can accompany them.  The result is that airlines who do not accept animals loose out on that market.  It must be a large enough market as Southwest and Air Canada have both recently changed their flight policies to allow pets to travel along. 

                                                                                  Photo by Global Jet.

Starting July 1st, 2009, Air Canada will allow pets to travel for $100 for a domestic return flight and $200 for an international return flight.  You can get more details directly from Air Canada‚Äôs website.

Back on June 17th, 2009 Southwest also made a decision to allow pets on board.  On Southwest you can expect to shell out $75 each way to bring the puppy along.

Personally my pets are still going to stay at home.  But, if you typically travel with your adorable pets then add Air Canada and Southwest onto your list of available options. 

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