Lessons to Learn from the Latest Chase Sapphire Preferred Targeted Offer

Last week I posted an article about some reports that Chase was offering a 100,000 targeted offer for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.  While you might still get a targeted offer it looks like the possibility to get a bonus K50 if you were not targeted it passed.  Based on some of the feedback I had, I thought I’d help us all learn a few important lessons.

  1. Targeted means it is not for everyone. I’ve always heard that life is not fair.  And guess what?  I believe it!  Somehow credit card companies decide who they will and will not target.  If you get targeted then I think you should take advantage of the offer (if it is lucrative enough).  If you don’t get targeted then there is nothing you can do to get targeted.  The only exception is to opt in on mailing and email lists with your frequent flyer programs.  This week I was targeted for a 75,000 AMEX Reward bonus on an American Express Gold card (the business card).  I didn’t post about it because if you were not targeted, you’ll probably feel bad.
  2. Respond as quickly as possible. In my reply to a comment on the post where I announced the existence of a 100,000 point targeted offer, I wrote: “I do think the more requests they have to match the K50, the more quickly someone in management is going to shut it down and tell people who weren’t targeted that they won’t get the points.”  There are hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer junkies.  Any time they get wind of a possible way to get more miles, everyone jumps on the bandwagon.  This means you must act quickly.
  3. Send appeals through a secure email by signing into your account. This way you have something in writing.
  4. Appeal letters should be honest and descriptive as possible. There is some discussion about the ethics of requesting that a credit card company match your miles even if you were not targeted. Here’s my personal opinion – the responsibility of bumping your miles is on the credit card company themselves.  As long as the information you provide is honest and accurate, then why not ask? They can say yes or no.  If there is an offer code (like there was with the K100 Chase offer), be sure to mention it.  Highlight the nature of your relationship with the company or any other strong points that you think would be influential.
  5. YMMV. YMMV means your miles may vary.  When talking about earning frequent flyer miles, my preference is to call it a game.  This helps keep everything in perspective.  Don’t let covetousness consume you.  If a fellow frequent flyer gets an extra K50 miles, good for them.
  6. Remember the blessing of the original bonus. Here’s the interesting thing.  The Chase Sapphire Preferred is still offering a 50,000 point sign up bonus.  That is still amazing, and with the exception of a possible 75,000 American CitiCards, it is the best current credit card offering.  If you got the K50, you still come away as a winner.

At this point, I might give it another week or two, but if you are not targeted for the K100 offer then you should go ahead and take advantage of the K50 offer.


  1. says

    I particularly like the reminder about being grateful about the original bonus – 50,000 points is still a lot and wasn’t offered just a few months ago! We’re still winners with the 50,000 bonus.

    • Craig says

      It is amazing how a K50 bonus can all of the sudden feel like a raw deal. Try traveling back in time a few years ago and complain about ‘only’ getting K50 that can be transferred to multiple reward programs. Your right, the 50,000 offer should still give us reasons to smile.

  2. says

    It’s interesting to see what kind of target group you fall into. I’ve generally had pretty good credit, so I’ll get decent offers, but not anything like what you’re talking about. My husband, who is working on repairing his credit, has gotten to the point where he’s at least getting offers, but with TERRIBLE interest rates!

    • Craig says

      I’m not sure how they determine who should be targeted or not. I can just say that I’m glad I was targeted :).

  3. Jeff W says

    It appears the American Airlines Citicard 75000 offer might be dead. I was considering this one but waited too long. I imagine a similar offer may come again? The Chase Sapphire Preferred offer worked great!

    • Craig says

      Like I mentioned in my email to your I’m not sure how ‘alive’ this deal is. I’ve not been able to find anything in writing during the application that indicates something about a 75,000 offer. Lots of other folks say it is alive, but I can’t find a way to prove it.
      The Sapphire is a solid card with an good bonus.

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