Introduction to Travel Search Engines

If I only had time for one search it would probably be on either of the following two sites: 

One company. Two websites.







A Brief Introduction to Travel Search Engines

Travel Search Engines are websites that search hundreds other travel websites, compares results, organizes results, and presents them in a easy to view format. They don’t actually sell the tickets, they will pass you along to the website where you will ultimately book your trip.

Advantages of Travel Search Engines

  1. Searches hundreds of websites in just one search
  2. Has search restrictions that can limit your search to things such a flights only at certain times of the day, number of flight stops
  3. Has a 3 day before and 3 day after options on searches
  4. FareTracker™. Tell the system where you want to go, when you want to go and they will email you the cheapest flights every day or once a week depending on your preference.
  5. The modify search key allows you a fast turn around to research a slight modification to your itinerary. Many sites make you go right back to the start and re-enter information.
  6. Allows you to compare sites with any extra searches (in a different window). These sites include:,,,, and Be careful to only select the sites you want to compare or you will have windows popping up all over the place.


  1. Not all airlines and agencies are included. The biggest missing airlines is Southwest.
  2. Unable to find your fare – at times you will try to book from sidestep, be forwarded to the actual account, and the fare is no longer available.
  3. Can only search by number of travelers and this does not allow you to specify children. Thus, when you go to make you actual purchase from a website you will need to manually backtrack and add children if you itinerary includes children.