Independent Hotel Reviews

Independent hotel reviews are an essential component in booking any hotel.  Unfortunately, with a slick website, elegant writing, and selective photos most hotels can look appealing.  They often describe their services and amenities in terms more flattering than the reality.  Because of this it is always important for you to read independent reviews on your hotel of choice.  An independent review is one that a ordinary regular person does of a hotel.


Two of my favorite sites for reading reviews are:

  1. (America) and (Canada).  Just type in your city information and Expedia will give you hotel information, pictures, and the all important customer reviews. 
  2. My favorite site for hotel reviews is Trip Advisor.  Trip advisor has more reviews which is more helpful.

When reading reviews there are a few important things to keep in mind. 

  1. Any hotel can make a mistake.  I tend to disregard individual comments where a hotel makes a unrepeatable error.  For example, I saw onetime where someone gave a hotel a poor rating because the fire alarm went off in the night.  Look for patterns in peoples comments – the front desk was so helpful, the rooms were small, the restaurant was excellent. 
  2. This might sound trivial, but remember this is their review and might not be reflective of your preferences.  A reviewer might say the 800 tread count sheets were unavailable.  Well, I don’t even know what those are so I probably wouldn’t hold it against a hotel if it was unavailable. 
  3. In my opinion people are generally more likely to complete a review if it is a negative experience.  As a result, think critically about comments that just seem to spout out negative things about the hotel. 

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