Important US Airways Credit Card and Merger Related News

Whenever there is an airline merger, there are unique mileage opportunities.  Remember, the airline gets to determine when the door closes on your mileage earning opportunities.

US Airways Related Earning News

In case you missed it, American Airlines and US Airways are merging.  When that merger becomes official, your US Airways Dividend miles will be combined with your American Airlines Aadvantage miles.

That means your strategy should be to try and earn as many US Airways miles between now and the merger.

My guess is that because American’s relationship with Citi runs deep we’ll see the disappearance of the US Airways Dividend miles credit card.

If you haven’t had this card yet, then this is probably a good time to consider getting the card.  If, however, you already have the card, you can try one of two things:

  1. There have been some reports about the ability to get a second (or even third) US Airways card so you could apply for another one keeping your current card.
  2. Cancel your current card and apply for another card in a month or two.
I currently have the US Airways card and didn’t have any luck getting approved for the card.  My plan is to cancel my current card and try and get the card again before it is no longer being offered.

US Airways offers 30,000 miles for signing up and making a single purchase.  You can also get up to 10,000 miles for a balance transfer.  An often overlooked earning bonus with the US Airways card is that almost everyone will get an offer to earn a bonus 15,000 points after spending $750 each month for the first three months.  I know that my wife and I both received this offer after getting the card.  I’ve also read a lot of reports online.  That could easily turn this offer into 45,000 miles after spending $2,250.

Redeeming US Airways Related News

US Airways will join the Oneworld partnership as early as November 1st, 2013.  Since US Airways is currently part of the Star Alliance, your booking options will likely change over the next few months.  In fact, some people have already reported issues trying to book Star Alliance flights through US Airways.  The Points Guy has a good report on his experiences booking Star Alliance flights with US Airways.

The key bit of information here is that if you know that you want to use your US Airways miles for Star Alliance flights, you need to book that sooner rather than later.  Also, once US Airways officially joins Oneworld they will no longer be able to access Star Alliance inventory. Thus, if you need to make changes to an itinerary, after US Airways leaves Star Alliance all booking changes will be from US Airways airlines to Oneworld Airlines.  You’ll need to strategically determine if that is good or bad news for you.

Since there’s also no guarantee that the US Airways Dividend miles credit card will survive the merge, that means you may not be able to continue taking advantage of the 5,000 mile discount when booking US Airways flights.  As a result, you should book flights on US Airways prior to the disappearance of that card.

Final Thoughts

Typically, the timeline of all merger related news is announced in advance.  In other words, you’ll know (and I’ll report) when the last day is that you’ll be able to apply for the US Airways credit card.  You’ll know when the last day is that you can book Star Alliance flights with US Airways miles.  This post isn’t intended to serve as an online panic button, but instead a heads up post where you can start thinking about some of your plans and strategies going forward.

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