How to Visit London’s Top Theatres Without Going Bankrupt

The following is a guest post by Yuli Linssen-Kaminitz.

Visiting London, yet alone living there, can be extremely expensive. What can make the situation even worse is the fact that the city has so much to offer, the temptations are too hard to resist!

One of the things London is mostly famous for is its great theatre shows: drama acts with many excellent improvisations, comedy performances with brilliant black humor and surly the lovable musical shows which every person must see at least once in his life.

So, what is the best advice can someone give to a person who loves London and wants to experience it to the max? Luckily there is an answer: reduce tickets, package deals, standby and many more tricks can make your life easier and surly cheaper:

1. “tkts”-

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This wonderful organization was established in 1980 and since then it is the most famous “half price” tickets booth in London. tkts is managed by the Society of London Theatre and their main aim is to give every person , rich or poor- the option to go the theatre. Visit their booth either in the Clocktower building in the center of Leicester Square or in the Brent Cross shopping center. To find more locations and information visit their site.

2. “”-

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This is a brilliant way to get a discount theatre ticket without even leaving the house! The site offers highly secured payment system and a guarantee that you will have the exact same seat you requested on the reservation form. Visiting their site will not only assures you a ticket to the best show in town, it will also give you the option to explore some hotter deals such as:”buy a theatre ticket and get a free night in a Central London hotel!”

3. Standby-

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You will be surprise by the amount of theatres who offer standby purchase options- even the biggest shows can get cancellations from time to time! Unfortunately for some of you, this opportunity is possible for only 60+ retired citizens, students who study full time or members of the theatre union. In order to get a standby ticket you will need to arrive to the theatre about an hour before the show starts- if there are some tickets left or empty seats you will be able to buy them for just 70% off from the original price!

4. Go with all your friends!

This is by far our favorite solution! You might never heard about this before but it is known that if you book tickets for 10+ group of people, you can ask for a big discount. The more people you come with, the cheaper the prices get! Before ordering the tickets, call the theatre you wish to go to, tell them your situation, be polite and for sure they will be happy to assist you!

5. Get a ticket far away from the stage and hope to have some empty seats in the front rows, where you can move to after the lights are out-

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This is a tricky one indeed, but surly worth trying. The further you are from the stage, the cheaper the ticket is naturally. Wait till the lights are out and the play started, look around to see that no more people are coming in and sneak quickly to the front in order to see which seats are left empty- good luck! specializes in discount rates on hotels all over the world that range from simple motels all the way up to celebrated 5-star venues.

For more information about hotels in London, visit their site!

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