How to Travel Anywhere in the World for Next to Nothing

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Have you ever halted your vacation planning as soon as you started considering it?  You’ve thought:

How to Travel Anywhere Free

  • There’s no way I can afford a vacation.
  • It’s a luxury only the rich afford.
  • There is no way I could ever do that on my income.

Introducing the easiest way to earn miles, points, and rewards to get free vacations.

Airlines offer miles.  Hotels offer points.  Credit card companies offer rewards.  From these reward opportunities, you’ll be able to travel anywhere for practically nothing.

13 out of the last 15 nights my family has stayed in hotels, we’ve checked out with a total bill of $0.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nothing.

I’ve flown to Europe, Denver, Toronto, Orlando, and Phoenix without ever paying anything more than the taxes and fees.

In the last 12 months, between my wife and I, we’ve collected:

  • Over 400,000 air miles, plus
  • Over $2,200 worth of travel, plus
  • Four round trip tickets within the US

Remember, not a single one of those points was earned on an airplane!

So, where do you want to go?

Baltimore? Bali? Botswana? Banff?

It doesn’t matter where you want to go because you’ll learn how to get there by collecting miles and points.

Imagine yourself on the flight to Europe, and you glance over at the person next to you.  In their hands they hold a receipt showing an itinerary costing $1,200.  You chuckle to yourself as you recall the 60,000 miles and $55 taxes and fees payment you paid to get on the flight.

Now imagine yourself checking out of the swanky hotel when they say, “We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.  There’s no payment necessary.”  Walking past someone else at the checkout counter, they pull out a credit card to cover their $275 bill.

If that’s the way you want to travel, then I highly recommend you learn how to earn frequent flyer miles from the comfort of your living room.


Here’s what you ’ll learn in How to Travel Anywhere in the World for Next to Nothing:

  • An easy-to-understand introduction to mileage rewards programs
  • 5 big misconceptions about travel rewards programs
  • The key differences between points and miles
  • Important facts about airline alliances
  • A sample of the many ways to earn air miles
  • Tips on finding the best mileage programs
  • How to determine the value of your points
  • Airlines with the best award seat availability
  • Airlines worth considering
  • A newbie’s introduction to credit card promotions
  • The importance of a solid credit score
  • Samples of the best credit cards for spending
  • An introduction to hotel rewards
  • Key differences between hotel points and flight points
  • Best hotel rewards programs
  • How to maximize flight rewards
  • 6 tips for getting the best value with your rewards points
  • How to organize your miles and points strategy

Who’s this book for?

This book is for newbies and beginners who are just realizing the potential of frequent flyer miles.  This book is ideal for US based travelers.


By following the tips in this book, you’ll easily be able to earn enough points to score a flight to business class flight between North America and Europe.


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