How to Save On Airport Parking

When you fly your car is not going with you!  In our consumerist culture that means someone is going to make money for the small piece of real estate you rent while you car sits in the parking spot.

Photo by Alex92287


Here are some things to consider to minimize the cost of parking:

  1. Know where to park before leaving the house.  There are a ton of sites that offer you the ability to research price and location.  Just Google ‘discount parking + your airport.”  Look for something that allows you to see multiple locations.  Often you can get a discount if you prepay before leaving the house.
  2. Likely if you do #1 you will be directed to some coupon codes for your parking destination.  If not just Google the name of your parking area and the word coupon.  Typically, there are coupons in abundance.  There is rarely a reason to pay full price for parking.
  3. Consider a park and fly.  Most airport hotels have park and fly programs.  They will be especially accommodating if they know you won’t stay there if your car can’t.  For longer trips you might pay as much for parking as you would for a hotel night.  I would just do a standard search for the cheapest hotel using this step by step guide.  You just need to add one final step – call the hotel and see if they will let you keep your vehicle at no charge. 

Why not avoid the cost of parking all together?  If you travel often find a friend who does too.  Ask them to drive you to the airport in exchange for your driving them to the airport.  Everyone wins (except the airport parking locations). 

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