How to Make Your Own Travel Scrapbook

Taking time to travel with your family is a great way to make memories. 

Scrapbooking about your travel is a great way to preserve those memories.

Tips for Making Memorable Travel Scrapbooks

1.  Take lots of pictures.

This is where it all begins.  You must take plenty of pictures during your family vacation.  Take pictures of the people with you, the places you go, and the things you see.  Using a digital camera affords you lots of opportunities to capture lots of great moments and keep the ones that you like best.

2.  Keep relevant documents.

If you plan to preserve your memories when you get home from your trip, collect small memoirs along the way.  These may be a ticket from the museum, your boarding passes from the airplane, roadmaps, or a menu from your favorite restaurant.

3. Determine if your travel scrapbook will be a culmination of all your travels or a detailed book of just one expedition.

Because we travel so frequently, I have decided that my travel scrapbook will be a culmination of every trip we take.  Each destination only gets one page in my book.  It would be too difficult for me to keep up with a book for each travel experience, along with the other scrapbooks I make for my children.

I found a 12 x 12 Travel scrapbook at Target on clearance one time.  It has space to add more pages.  You don’t have to have one that specifically says, ‘Travel’.  If you’re planning to do this, check out a Ross Dress for Less or similar store for cheaper scrapbooks.  I even found an unused scrapbook at a second-hand shop recently for a couple of bucks!  Just be on the lookout.  Also watch for cheap travel stickers at dollar stores.

4.  Choose your photos.

If you have chosen to only use one page per trip, this is a very important step.  Finding just the right photos that portray your most memorable moments can be challenging.  Limit yourself to just a few photos.  (Usually it’s recommended to use an odd number of photos on a page, for aesthetic reasons.)

5.  Journal.

Since you can’t include all 1,257 photos you took from your last vacation in your scrapbook, it is important that you fill in the stories with journaling.  Write the most important information on the page: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? 

If you can’t remember the details or are running short on ideas, interview your family members.  My husband is always great at remembering the details of which airline we flew and which hotel we stayed at.  You can even include your children’s favorite memories, or let them write it for themselves.

The purpose of my travel scrapbook is to remember things I might’ve otherwise forgotten (like how many air miles we were accidentally awarded so we could take this trip), and to have something to show my children some day.  They’ll probably say, “I can’t believe you took me to Japan when I was only two!” or “Can we go to New Zealand again because I don’t remember seeing that volcano?”

6.  Add stickers and other memorabilia.

After you find a good layout and design you like for your photos and journaling, plan to add some travel stickers or your ticket stubs for extra character.

It’s best to complete your page shortly after coming home from your trip.  You’ll have a clearer recollection in order to write all the important details.

7.  Keep adding to the scrapbook and share it with your family periodically.

My scrapbook is still a work-in-progress since I don’t intend to stop traveling any time soon.  But it’s nice to take it out every once in a while and say, “Remember that time we went to Switzerland and Craig was mixing up his French and Melanesian Pidgin?”


How do you preserve your family travel memories?  Any good tips?

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