How to Get More Value from Your American Express Credit Cards

There are a couple of current or upcoming American Express promotions that will help you get even more value out of the American Express cards you already have in your wallet. 

Twitter American Express Sync with Lowes

Right now, if you sync your Twitter account and an American Express card, you can tweet #amexlowes to be eligible to earn a $10 statement credit when you spend $50 or more at Lowe’s (online or in store).  Of course, if you’re planning to shop at Lowe’s, that’s a great offer.  However, even if you don’t have any home improvement projects, you can still take advantage of this offer.

Lowe’s sells gift cards in store!

All you need to do is to visit your local Lowe’s store and buy a $50 gift card off their gift card rack.  This includes cards like Applebees, Shell, Olive Garden, Amazon and many more.  

We synced 4 of our cards and bought $200 worth of Amazon gift cards.  We’ve already seen the credits post so the total out of pocket cost was $160.

You may already know this, but if you purchase items from the Subscribe and Save store, you can save 5% per item.  However, if you subscribe to 5 items to be sent in any given month, you’ll save 20% on your order.  Combine that with the 20% savings on the gift cards, and it’s like saving 40% on any of your personal grocery or toiletry needs.  

You can have as many Twitter accounts as you wish, but each need to have a separate email address.  For your information, Twitter views email addresses with a ‘.’ in the name a separate address, but Gmail doesn’t.  As such, is the same as  

Small Business Saturday

Once registration opens, you can use your American Express credit card at designated small businesses on November 30th and get a $10 statement credit for a purchase of $10 or more.  Last year was my first year to participate.  Last year, they even offered a $25 statement credit for a purchase of $25 or more.  This year it isn’t quite a lucrative, but it’s still a great promotion.  

Last year, we went to a restaurant and ordered $50 worth of food for lunch and asked them to split the bill.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized we could have just purchased a $25 gift card instead of trying to order $50 worth of food.  

This does apply to all American Express cards. (As an example, it worked last year with any Citi American Airlines Aadvantage American Express card.) This offer also applies to each authorized user on your American Express account.  Thus, one way you could maximize this offer is to be sure your spouse has one of each of the cards that is currently only in your name.  

These two promotions are probably not reason enough to go out and get an American Express card, but if you’ve got one, you may as well find a way to get all your full earning value out of each card.

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