How to Activate Your Ink Plus, Bold, or Classic Lounge Club Benefit

This is a benefit of the Ink Bold, Ink Plus, and Ink Classic that is not very well publicized.  Because of that, it is easy to forget to activate your Lounge Club Benefit.  I know that I’ve had my card for a month or so, and haven’t activated it yet.  I’m not sure why I remembered, but since I was activiating my membership, I thought I’d remind you to activate yours and show you how to do it in less than five minutes.

I know several of you have this new card because you’ve taken advantage of the limited time reduced minimum spend of $5,000.

What is the Lounge Club Benefit with the Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards?

As a card holder, you get a free membership to the Lounge Club.  As a member, you’ll get two free admissions to a participating airport lounge per year.  After your two free passes, you’ll be able to enter lounges for $27 per visit, per person.

You can find eligible lounges here.  Note that their US lounge coverage is minimal with better international coverage.

It’s not amazing, but it’s still a feature you’ll want to capitalize on if you are a card holder.  If you want a card that gives unlimited lounge access, then you should consider the American Express Platinum.  Otherwise, for infrequent travelers a couple of free loung visits can make a noticable difference on a trip.

How to Activate Your Lounge Club Benefit

When you visit the Lounge Club activation page, you’ll notice that you need an activation code.

The activation code is CHASEINK.  This is the same activation code for all three cards.  From there, you’ll see the full description of the benefits, and you’ll just need to click on ‘enroll now’.  Notice, specifically that you get two complimentary visits, and then it is $27 per visit.

Chase Lounge Club Benefit

When enrolling, you’ll need to be sure to use your valid Ink Bold, Plus, or Classic as the payment method.  If you do not, then you’ll likely get an error message.

When you’re done with the enrollment process, you’ll be sent a membership card within 3 days.

Lounge Club Ink Bold

One thing I want to note about the program is (as stated above) you MUST have your membership card in your possession in order to visit the lounge.  Last time I planned to use this benefit, I didn’t sign up for the program in time.  That’s partially the reason why I’m posting this article today.  If you already have an Ink Bold, Classic, or Plus card, then there’s nothing to lose by setting up your Loung Club benefit today.  That way you’ll have the card ready whenever you travel.


  1. FEV7 says

    I recently used the Lounge Club at the LAX international terminal and found it to be nice – well stocked with drinks, sandwiches, fruit, veges, etc. Not the most posh, but a nice place to rest in between connecting flights.

  2. Matthew says

    My wife and I are traveling through DFW soon, so I activated our Lounge Club benefit after seeing your post. Thanks!

    One question, does a visit for the two of us count as 1 complimentary visit, or are we each counted individually?

    Could I maybe get two memberships since we each have our own Ink Bold card number (same account, though)?

    • says

      If both of you visit that would probably count as 2 visits as the Lounge Club does not allow a free visitor. You could certainly try and see if you entered her name and card number to see if she could get a membership as well. Let me know how it turns out.

      • Matthew says

        I debated whether or not to activate the Lounge Club membership for her account because of the 1-year expiration, but I figured we could use the lounge both outbound and return, so I went ahead and tried. Sure enough, I was able to register for her own account with her own Ink Bold card.

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