How Hertz Punishes Gold Members (or is it Just Americans?)

I thought today’s post would be a good follow-up since earlier this week I talked about the amazing benefits of Hilton Gold status.Today, I’ll explain how Hertz punishes their valuable customers.

Here’s the story.

I was booking a one way rental car from Dallas to Houston.  Hertz had very good rates, considering it was a one way rental ($72.95 inclusive of taxes and fees), so I decided to make the reservation.  On the last step of the reservation, it asked if I
wanted to sign up for Hertz Gold.  I’m already a Hertz Gold member so I decided to say ‘no thanks’ and sign in.  I figured there was a possiblity that my rate might drop or I’d get better service if I reserved the car as a Gold member.

Guess what happened when I signed in?  The price jumped to $205.86 (I’m attaching screen shots below).


I figured that it must be some type of a glitch, so I went back to the home page and tried to book again.  It was still showing $205.86.

Since signing in was what caused nearly a 300% price increase, I signed out.  I then opened a new browser, cleared the cache, and tried again.  This time I got my $72.95 rate because I said ‘no thanks’ and didn’t sign into my account.

Now, the lesson could be that Hertz doesn’t like Gold members and wants to overcharge them, or … they just overcharge Americans.

Several months ago, I was in Papua New Guinea trying to rent a car (one way) in New York state.  I saw some great rates, and then at some point it asked for my residence.  I put USA, and the rate jumped dramatically.  I switched it back to PNG, and the rate dropped again.

In this case, my rate may have dropped when I entered my gold account because it’s registered to a US address.

Moral of the story: When renting a car with Hertz, do it when you’re traveling because you might be able to rent it for a 300% discount if you do it from outside of the US.

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  1. Geoff Stuart says


    I assume you would have contacted Hertz for official response. What did they say?


  2. says

    Wow, what a rip-off! We actually think Hertz has one of the worst managed loyalty programs out there (actually, can’t think of another one worse than Hertz at the moment). It’s very difficult to figure out our transaction history once we log in. We often times have uncredited rentals. AND, to top it off, for whatever reasons, no matter how many times we told them we are Gold Members, when we make rentals, we never get the privilege when we arrive at the rental locations. It’s only when our identity is confirmed at the counter, that’s when they are like “duh, these guys are gold members”, and maybe their names should be on the board in the first place!?

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