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In 2011, our family will be doing more traveling and I wanted to use our upcoming travel planning to offer you some tips on how to get a discount hotel using the hotwire hotels search feature.

In our case, we’ll need to be quite selective about the hotel since we will need something with a full kitchen.

Search for hotels available in the area in question:


Step #1: Eliminate Hotwire hotels that don’t fit your travel preferences/requirements.

In order to do this, you’ll need to learn what all of the descriptor symbols mean.  After you’ve done that you can eliminate any hotels that don’t have a shuttle (if, for example, you needed a hotel with a shuttle).  In our case, we’ll need a kitchenette since the stay is so long.  Thus, I won’t even bother trying to find out what the top option is, rather I’ll focus on trying to find out what the bottom two hotels are.

Step #2: Familiarize yourself with Hotwire Hotel brands.

At the Hotwire site they’ll tell you how their star rating works, and they will give you sample hotel brands that qualify for each star rating.  There’s no point in looking into Comfort Inn brand hotels if you know that Comfort Inn doesn’t sell rooms via Hotwire.  To confirm any hotel, you can just visit Better Bidding where you can see what hotels have been sold via Hotwire.

Step #3: Get to know the areas where you’ll be staying.

The smaller the area, the more likely you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact location.  This step will be harder for an LAX airport or Orlando, but usually in city areas you can almost exactly pinpoint the hotel.

In our case, we are looking for a hotel in the Willowbrook – Cypress Station area.  The good news is:

  1. There are only three Hotwire hotels in this area.
  2. We used to live in the area so we are familiar with the local hotels.  If we weren’t, I’d use Google Maps to help pinpoint eligible hotels (brands that participate as potential Hotwire eligible hotels).  From there, I would visit Trip Advisor and get familiar with the hotel amenities.

Step #4: The educated guess

At this point, you are probably willing to make an educated guess.

In this case, I would bet the $49 hotel is the Homestead Suite that is just off of 1960 and Cutten Rd.  I would guess the $122 hotel is the Homewood Suites by the Willowbrook mall.  Interestingly, that is our preferred hotel.

We are looking at a 30 day booking, so I would do two things before I proceeded:

  1. Contact the hotel directly and get their best available rate.
  2. Book a single night via Hotwire to confirm my idea.  If the hotel is not the one I think it is, then we would need to stay in a hotel before shifting over to our preferred hotel.  If, however, I’m right then we could just book the subsequent nights.

With a little detective work, you should usually be able to accurately predict the exact hotel you’ll get when you book with hotwire.  If you must stay at a hotel, I wouldn’t risk it using this method, but if you’re happy to be wrong, I would try some of these Hotwire tips and tricks.

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