Hotwire Car Rental: Advantages and Disadvantages is a premier source for all things travel.  In fact, Hotwire consistently has some of the best travel deals for airfare, car rental, and hotels.

While flight bookings offer a deeper level of inconvenience there is very little inconvenience involved in renting from Hotwire.

Hotwire Car Rental Disadvantages

You will not know the exact rental company (but you will know the car class) until after you book your car.  This can be a disadvantage for two reasons:

  1. The rental location might not be on site so you will be required to take a shuttle
  2. You will not know the extra charges that differ from company to company.  Such things that differ are: insurance rates, car seats, mileage fees, and late returns.

Hotwire Car Rental Advantages

No doubt the biggest advantage is the HUGE cost savings.  Significant rental savings.  Depending on the rental market, season, and your car type you can save between 10 – 50%.

The basic opaque travel website formula is as follows:

THE LESS details you know before booking = MORE cost savings.

 To determine your actual savings, visit a site like and get your base car rental rate.  From there, visit Hotwire to see their rates.  I think you’ll find that Hotwire car rentals are a great way to save money on your next vacation.

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