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This post is primarily for the sake of my subscribers, but anyone who is interested is welcome to read it too. (I guess if you put something on the internet, you can’t really control who reads it.)

You may have noticed that lately the types of topics I cover on this blog have shifted.  I’ve intentionally been testing the waters, and I think I’m ready to publically share the changes of direction ahead for Help Me Travel Cheap.

1. The primary focus of this blog is going to shift towards helping people use credit cards as a primary strategy for earning frequent flyer points and miles.


Reason #1: As I’ve looked through my Google Analytics, I’ve found that people who arrive on a search term like “best air mile credit cards” or “Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card” tend to stick around and look at several different pages.  These are the topics my evolving audience is most interested in.

However, people who arrive on search terms like “airport games for kids” and “family vacation” tend not to visit other pages, and they leave quickly.

Thus, I’ll be writing about what seems most interesting to people – maximizing credit card rewards, earning points through credit cards, evaluating the best credit cards, and finding the best points programs. 

Am I still going to share tips and tricks for cheap travel?

Yes, I’ll still occasionally show you how to get the best price on hotels and flights.  However, since I usually just use points these days, I’m finding it hard to remember the days when I actually paid cash.  :)

Reason #2: I really like writing about those topics, and I enjoy releasing my inner geek. 

I do all this sort of stuff (evaluating points programs) anyway, so I may as well share what I’ve learned.

Reason #3: I’m qualified to talk about this stuff.  As a personal finance blogger, I tend to know more than the average person about things like credit scores and personal finances.  Thus, I can help you understand the financial implications of using credit cards as a strategy for getting points. 

Reason #4: In this current environment, credit cards are the most lucrative way to earn flyer and hotel points and miles.  You could spend hours using other strategies to get frequent flyer miles or earn a years worth of miles in one application.

Reason #5: It is a good business move.  Writing about credit cards is more profitable than writing about ways to save money on food while you’re vacationing.

2.  The content on this site will be aimed at a US audience of people who want to maximize how they earn frequent flyer mileage with credit cards. 


I think there are a lot of people who are interested in getting into the points and miles game by getting credit cards, but there are too many questions, doubts, and fears.  Others want to be sure that they are getting value out of every dollar they spend on a card. 

I think this site can help those newbies get the information they need to proceed with confidence.  It can also provide seasoned professions with helpful information on mileage programs, credit scores, and credit card rewards.

3.  I’m slowly going to launch a travel coaching and consultation program.


The goal of Help Me Travel Cheap has always been to teach you the cheapest way to vacation.  Miles and points is the cheapest way.  I now own the Travel Free Coach website and will be offering different types of travel related coaching and consultations through that site.  The offerings will initially be limited, but they will expand over time.

4.  Jeri, my wife, is retiring from Help Me Travel Cheap. 


She has zero minus two interest in the topics I introduced above.  However, she still remains Help Me Travel Cheap’s biggest (and smallest) fan.  Whenever I can twist her arm, I’m sure she’ll write up a few guest posts about family travel. 


  1. says

    I’m really disappointed to hear about this shift. Judging by the title of your site, I think it should be focused on travel, not about the completely unrelated business of credit card points (though of course you are free to write about what you want). I say unrelated because while some credit card companies offer airline points, they’re just a proxy for something like AmEx reward points, and don’t really have to do with travel.

    Any chance you’ll maintain a separate feed with actual travel-related content so we don’t have to wade through the credit card info? I consider that type of content pretty much spam, since I believe it’s not the smartest idea to keep opening random cards just to get one-time point bonuses.

    • Craig says

      Thanks for expressing your opinion.

      As I mentioned in the post I think that credit card rewards are the best way to travel cheap. But, I do completely understand that not everyone agrees. Over the last two or three weeks I’ve been posting the type of articles that I plan to continue to write so hopefully that will give you a taste of things to come.

      I don’t plan to maintain a desperate feed as that would be an administrative headache. While I always hate to lose a loyal reader my stats indicate that the majority of my audience will support the change.

      Thanks again for the feedback.

      • says

        Craig, thanks for your response! In reading my initial comment, it came off much more combative than I intended, so I especially appreciate your polite reply :) Best of luck with the new direction for the site!

  2. Daniel Mick says

    It’s why I’m a subscriber. Keep it up! Everything else out there to get free miles is a joke in comparison to credit cards. You’d have to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on eSurveys, or spend tens of thousands on uneeded shopping purchases with points to match the rewards of a single credit card.

    • Craig says

      Thanks for the support.
      I do agree that credit cards is the fastest way and requires the least amount of effort to accumulate miles.

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