Help Me Travel Cheap: Recommitted, Refocused, and Revised

January.  It’s a chance for new beginnings.

Help Me Travel Cheap is taking advantage of a new beginning.  In the process, we’re refining our focus.

Since it was first started, this site has exclusively focused on finding the best possible travel deals.  While this site will still focus on travel deals, it is also broadening its horizons. Help Me Travel Cheap will start to focus specifically on family travel topics, in addition to tips on planning the cheapest possible vacations.

Why the change?

Passion: Being overseas with limited internet connection has made it difficult to track all the latest travel deals.  While I still have a wealth of travel saving tips, I’ve found it hard to keep up on the latest travel specials.

Audience: There are a lot of single people writing about traveling around the world.  There are a lot of women blogging about family travel experiences.  But, not a lot of dads blogging about family travel.

What’s in store for Help Me Travel Cheap over the coming months?

  • My wife, Jeri, is coming onboard as a regular weekly contributor.  It is now going to be our blog – not my blog.
  • At least two posts per week.
  • Money saving vacation tips.
  • Family friendly vacation suggestions.
  • Some of our (and your) favorite travel stories and destinations from around the globe.

Topics in the works:

  • Tips for surviving long flights with kids
  • Entertaining kids on long flights
  • How to plan your first vacation with kids
  • 7 principles for an effective family vacation
  • Changes to 0% foreign exchange fee credit cards

Enjoy and let us know what you think about the changes.

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